Managers Blog date October 8, 2014

Manager's BlogThe title makes you think that maybe I am a “Trekie” (Star-Trek  groupie). For those of you that are too young to know what I am talking about you can look it up on-line. Try visualizing storage in the future traveling on a starship will give a whole new meaning to the word “deployment”. Imagine instead of our troops going to a foreign country that they actually go to another galaxy. The men and women of the future will be no different from our brave soldiers of today. They will need to be able to store their belongings until they come home from serving. Now by that time storage may be a lot different. We may have heated and cooled units and for an extra price we will use a shrink ray so you can put your belongings into a smaller unit. That would of course be a onetime charge like a processing fee. We may be able to change the molecular structure of your mode of transportation so that you can store it in a unit along with your other memories. Perhaps your belongings will be in a unit where you can have online access to see video of your belongings to make sure they are okay. This may all sound crazy to you, but with things like Skype, you can have a Christmas morning with family members that are clear around the world …so who knows what kind of storage will be available in the year 2525….if man is still alive…..okay that is another blog. They will probably have some other way of getting the information out and people will not even have to write a Blog –  microchip us like we do our sweet pets and the computer will write it for us. We can only hope.  The point is that as long as humans are alive we will have some sort of need for storage. StorPlace Self Storage is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our ever- changing society.  Look at our new website; the times have changed where a higher percentage of inquires come from an internet search than phone inquires. People want to hunt down bargains without leaving the comfort of their office or home. The old saying of the Yellow Pages commercial was “let your fingers do the walking” that phrase has more meaning to it now than ever before since people are literally typing in information to get feedback from the endless possible links out there in cyberspace. At StorPlace Self Storage, we go the extra mile that is needed to make our customers comfortable leaving their precious memories in our safe and secure facilities. All  of our storage facilities have Managers and Assistant Managers that care about our tenants as individuals with different storage needs. You are in good hands with StorPlace Self Storage….I know another commercial!!!