The Two Most Important Self Storage Questions To Consider

StorPlace of Murfreesboro RdThere are many factors that go into renting a self-storage unit. But there are two questions you must answer before anything else–where do you want to store your items, and how long will you need to have them in storage?

Once these answers are identified, our friendly team at StorPlace Self Storage will help with the rest. Below are some things to consider when starting down your path to renting a storage unit for the first time.

Where To Store Your Items? 

Knowing when and where you want to want to place your business or personal items in storage is the first step. At StorPlace of Franklin, we are proud to serve our neighbors and surrounding cities. Being able to access your items while they are in storage is important so keep that travel time in mind when you’re selecting a facility. But as long as you’re a reasonable drive away, our expert Franklin team would be proud to serve you!

How Long Will Your Items Be In Storage? 

It’s important to understand the temperature in the area you will be storing your items.
In middle Tennessee, for example, the climate can get very muggy and have lots of humidity. If you are planning on a short-term rental–maybe less than three months–an outside drive-up unit will be perfect for you. The drive-up units also make loading and unloading very convienient. But, if you’re thinking longer than three months, you may want to consider a heated and cooled climate controlled storage space or even a humidity controlled storage space.

Other Storage Tips to Consider

Here at StorPlace of Franklin we also offer ground inside units that are not temperature controlled but are inside the building to keep your items out of the elements. It is a little bit more work when you move in, but if you are concerned about staying dry or the cleanliness of your belongings it is well worth the extra effort.

Size is also important. Make sure you look at the space before you rent it. Seeing it will help you decide which size will work best for you. But any StorPlace associate can help you with this as well. So stop by and have a look. Even if you don’t need something today, we can put something on reserve for you. We’re here to make the storage process as simple as possible and looking forward to working with you! 

The Importance of Planning Ahead for Your Next Self-Storage Experience

Find the right storage unit size for your needs at StorPlace Self StorageWhen storing your belongings to eliminate clutter or maximize space within your home with a self-storage company in Tennessee like StorPlace Self-Storage, it is always good to plan and prepare well before moving day. In some cases, the need for self-storage is last minute and you do not have an opportunity to fully prepare. But in other instances, like staging your home for sale or putting away seasonal items for the winter, careful thought and proper planning will you eliminate significant stress.

Planning for self storage begins with what, when, and where you are storing. After figuring out what things you need to store, doing some research on how to store those items can help save significant time and effort. During this process, our friendly team of experts throughout our self-storage facility locations are available to discuss any questions you may have about your individual storage needs. Moving is one the main reasons people need self-storage, or maybe even just cleaning your house. Whatever the case, however, any successful storing experience starts with the right storage location.

A proper storage location is usually a location that is conveniently located near you. The amenities are also important–does this storage facility offer what you may need in regards to a storage unit size or temperature controlled unit? Call in advance get some information from any of the 16 local StorPlace stores they can help you with all your storage needs. Ask questions StorPlace managers are happy to assist and are very knowledgeable when dealing with storage. Inform the managers what and when you need to store and they can help provide guidance to make things a little easier.

With a simple phone call and a few minutes of time, we can help identify the storage solution that works best for you and your needs. Research is key to learning and making life easier that goes for everything including storage. Once you’ve identified what you are storing and which location you will be choosing, how you go about preparing for your move is also a critical step. Packing stuff in boxes or totes in advance of your move date is something we highly recommend for saving time with the moving truck. Have your items ready to go, label boxes according to where they go kitchen, bathroom, or garage for example. Place priority items where they are easy to access when storing in labeled boxes and place them in the front of your storage unit.

Planning out your storage needs can save an immense amount of time and headache. As little as 30 minutes of planning can save you hours of frustration and agony. Plan ahead do your homework, better to go into something ready instead of not ready. Thinking ahead on things in life can make things less bumpy, same goes for self-storage. Plan in advance, do your research, if you don’t know ask. Storage professionals like those at StorPlace are very insightful and always willing to help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, our storage professionals are here to help! And don’t forget, planning ahead will always make life easier–self storage is no exception.

How Self-Storage Helped Me Pursue My Passion

StorPlace of Hickory HollowSelf-storage units can help you pursue your passion. For me, as a furniture collector and carpenter, its opened a whole new world of possibilities. The truth is, you never think about a lot of things in your life until you need it. In many cases, that’s how it is with self-storage for your home, business or hobby. Preparing to move out on my own recently, I realized just how much stuff my hobby helped me accumulate over the years. It seems, in retrospect, that I may have an addiction to purchasing items every time I enter a home decor store or thrift shop.

The reason I’m brought back to self-storage in all this is because I’m not quite ready to give up on these items, but they also will not fit into my new home. In search of safe and secure storage in the Cool Springs area, I walked through the doors of StorPlace. The Manager was amazing in every way–very knowledgeable about the units she had available as well as the amenities and features that would best fit my needs. She even offered me Property Protection for my storage unit which makes me feel even more confident that my belongings are safe and sound as I settle into my new home.

Now that I have plenty of space, I can further pursue my passion of building and repurposing furniture. I am a huge thrift store and yard sale junkie but due to my lack of space I had in the past I was limited in what I could bring home and work on. Now that I’ve found StorPlace, the sky is the limit! Or, at least as high as the 10 foot ceilings. I love finding that diamond in the rough and seeing the beauty in its potential and now I can continue to accumulate old pieces in search of that next project like the coffee table set I just wrapped up.

Recently, I was at a local thrift store and I came across a metal coffee and side table set. I purchased all three tables for $15 and drove over to a nearby home improvement store. There, I bought a can of cooper color spray paint and some wood for about twenty-four dollars. When I got home, I painted the legs and made new wood tops for all three tables, staining them a dark Walnut finish–and BAM! Magazine quality furniture pieces easily worth $200 or more. The only problem now is I could see myself needing another unit for my next masterpiece.

Gladys the Goose and Getting to Know our New Neighbor

StorPlace Self StorageOne of the things I love the most about working at our StorPlace Rutherford Blvd location, is that there is always the opportunity to see wildlife. In the field just across the street, we have an opportunity to see deer, different types of birds, and other animals making their way through the week on a regular basis. This spring, we also have the pleasure of seeing a goose across the street. One of my morning rituals, while I am stocking the packing supplies we keep on hand for our self-storage clients at StorPlace on Rutherford Blvd, is to check in on what “Gladys” is up to.

When I first noticed the goose, I was kind of curious as to why she was hanging around and sitting in one spot. I see them frequently at the pond near my house, but they always fly away and return. It wasn’t until I saw some little hatchlings one morning on the way to work that I realized that Gladys must be with her nest. This prompted me to do a little research into birds in Middle Tennessee. I believe that she is a Canadian Goose. I looked at the Tennessee Ornithological Society’s list of Birds of Tennessee and out of 409 species the Canadian Goose is listed as one that inhabits our wonderful state (disclaimer: this is just my speculation about the species, out of respect for the wildlife I have not gotten close enough to confirm).

Upon further Google searches, I found an interesting article about Canadian Geese and their habits. One thing that grabbed my attention was that the mate for the female goose will guard her and the nest while she is incubating. I have noticed a second, slightly larger, goose that will fly in periodically. Meeting Gladys from across the street at our self-storage location in Tennessee also prompted me to learn about the incubation period for Canadian Gees. Turns out, the nesting period last for 42-50 days and the incubation period for the eggs is 25-28 days. I have been noticing Gladys out there for about three weeks, so hopefully this means we shall be seeing some goslings (baby geese) soon.

While I don’t claim to be an expert, I have really enjoyed getting to observe Gladys over the last few weeks. It may inspire me to do a little more research into bird watching in Tennessee. For now, I look forward to seeing Gladys until the hatching of her goslings!

What to Consider When Selecting a Non-Temperature Controlled Self-Storage Unit

Find the right storage unit size for your needs at StorPlace Self StorageIf you are going to store your belongings in a non-temperature controlled self-storage unit there are several important things to consider. Storing items in non-temperature controlled storage is very similar to storing your items in a detached garage. While it will be protected from weather events, it will also be exposed to the extreme temperatures and humidity of our natural environment. So what items work best in non-temperature controlled units and what should be avoided? We’ve broken that down in the list below.

  • What not to store: Let us start with what you definitely do not want to place in a non-temperature self-storage unit. Never store electronics (flat screen TV’s), leather, paintings, or photos in a non-temp unit.
  • Household items: Furniture, boxes, and appliances are fine as long as they don’t stay in storage for longer than three months. But be sure to not use plastic to wrap anything in a non-temperature unit because this will trap in moisture and cause mold.
  • Mattresses: If it can be avoided, I would not suggest storing a mattress in a non-temp controlled space. However, if you do, I would not place it in plastic as mattresses are not as clean as we would all love to think they are, and it’s possible that bacteria could grow from the moisture and heat. If you do place a mattress in a non-temp unit, just buy a couple of cheaper fitted sheets and place them on either side of the mattress to keep it clean and free of dust.
  • Drive up non-temp storage units: this type of non-temperature controlled unit is not completely sealed off from the outside air. These units need to be able to “breathe” so this will allow some dust and pollen to make it inside of the units. To cover items in this type of storage unit, it is best to use a thin sheet because it will not trap moisture.

If you have any of the above items in storage for longer than three months, you may want to consider temperature control units. Now, obviously, there are items that do not ever have to be stored in temperature controlled like lawn mowers, lawn equipment, tools etc. Those items can be place in a non-temperature controlled unit for as long as needed without any worry. But if you’re not sure which type of storage unit works best for you, be sure to speak with your StorPlace manager. Our team is here to help you select the storage solution that is best for you, and have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction.

The Many Hats of a StorPlace Self Storage Property Manager

StorPlace Self Storage



StorPlace Self Storage has a dedicated team of property managers.  What many people don’t realize, is that our job is much more than signing customers up for a storage space.  Our managers do everything needed to run the facility on a daily basis.  From cleaning units to completing leases, there are many hats that a property manager must wear.

When I first started working in the self storage industry, I had no idea the amount of work that would be involved.  I was told there would be a lot of cleaning, which is to be expected, but I didn’t realize the many other tasks we must do to keep the business running in tip-top shape! Some customers may think that after they sign the lease, the property manager can relax, but that is not the case.

Here is a “behind-the-scenes” look at a typical day for a StorPlace Self Storage property manager:

Our day starts before 9:00 a.m. when our office opens for business.  We get our computer systems going, as well as print any necessary reports for the day. Next, we do a walk-through of our property, this includes checking all of the locks on the property for any move-outs, picking up trash, sweeping entryways, etc.  After the walk-through is completed, we make notes of anything we may need to go revisit, after all, we must get back to the office to help our customers!

Helping customers is my favorite part of the job, because you never know what kind of situation is causing their need for storage. Our mission statement is to provide a fast, easy, and convenient storage solution while helping to relieve stress and worry.  We try our hardest to make sure every customer has a great experience with us.  Our job duties when it comes to our customers include: answering the phone, giving quotes, taking payments, renting units, showing units, and lots and lots of paperwork!

Speaking of paperwork, we must also turn in several reports during the month including a competition rate survey, a store plan, and a weekly number report. Our competition rate survey allows us to have competitive rates with our nearest storage competitors. A store plan details certain tasks we would like to complete during the current month; to give us goals to reach for.  Our weekly report takes our numbers for the month and compiles them in an easy to read form.  This enables us to see how we stack up with our other locations.  For example, it might be a slow month at one store, but another is extremely busy.  This type of information is invaluable to our growth as a company.

The last part of the job is the most important for first impressions: cleaning.  Every storage unit that we rent has been swept from top to bottom and front to back! We also sweep our hallways, use blowers to blow off our breezeways, and pick up any trash or debris that has accumulated on our property. Each StorPlace Self Storage location also has monthly pest control, to keep unwanted pests away. Without this attention to detail, our facilities would not be as immaculate as they are!

We take pride in our work and sincerely hope that you feel that way when you visit one of our 15 locations in Middle Tennessee.  The next time you visit your local StorPlace Self Storage, you’ll have a new insight of the many hats that your local property manager wears!


Storing For the Holiday Season

The leaves are starting to turn, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are beginning to be cooler. All of these things are preparing us for the fall, winter seasons, and also the holidays! And not to mention relatives coming to visit! You look forward to it every year! Being able to catch up with all of those people we do not get to see on a regular basis, and the oh-so wonderful meals these visits revolve around!

As we are beginning to get ready for the influx of visitors and the many meals that we will have over the next couple of months; one of the first things that comes to mind… is cleaning. You have to make sure you have room for all your guests. So when you are cleaning out the spare bedrooms and closets for them to stay in, many will think to themselves “What will I do with all of this excess stuff”. You do not want to throw it all out and you also do not want to leave it out for everyone to see and go through while they are staying with you, and you may not have any more room to put it elsewhere in the house.

One of the easiest and simplest decisions would to be to store these extra things. Here at StorPlace we have month to month rentals, which is perfect if you just need it for a short amount of time. We will also prorate your rent, that way you only have to pay for the amount of time you actually need to store. When you come into our office to rent your much needed space; don’t forget to pick up some packing supplies such as boxes and tape and bubble wrap to protect your belongings.

Another benefit to having a storage unit during the holiday season is you have a place to hide all of those perfectly planned gifts you have been stocking up on. If you put them in a closet at home… a snooping child or curious spouse is liable to run across your well kept secret and ruin the surprise. Renting a small storage space as you begin to plan and start your shopping will help keep you organized as the shopping season starts to get a little more hectic. As you buy more and more gifts you can bring them by the facility and not have to sneak them into the house! Having these spaces during the hectic Black Friday shopping day would be very convenient. If you start your shopping at midnight, as many people do, by lunch time you need a break (and probably some more space in your car)! SO after you stop off for lunch, stop by your favorite StorPlace location to store your things in your “extra closet” and continue your shopping!

So whether you need storage because you need room for your relatives or to hide some special presents, you can just stop by one of our conveniently located offices. Please visit our Hendersonville StorPlace Self Storage. 

Tips on Storage Unit Packing


Everyone gathers for the StorPlace Self Storage picnic.

When you are shopping around for a self storage unit, chances are that you are looking for a way to make the most use out of it.  Sure, you know that you are going to pack it full of your belongings, but you have to be sure that you are packing it in such a way that you are not wasting your money.

Self Storage units are perfect for storing items you don’t use on a regular basis or for keeping items temporarily. Similar to packing items for a move from one location to another, packing for a Self storage unit requires properly labeling your items, securing breakable items and preparing outdoor equipment. With a few tips, you will have your items ready for a Self storage unit in no time.

Breakable Items

    • When packing delicate and breakable items, wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap. Do this for any item you don’t want broken or pieces missing, including toys, small objects and items that may get crushed in regular boxes. You can pack moving blankets or paper pads around the edges of the furniture drawers so items won’t shift while traveling in the moving truck or van. When storing family heirlooms, use wardrobe boxes as holders and secure the items in bubble wrap. Cover the wardrobe boxes and the furniture drawers in shrink wrap to prevent dust and other elements from getting in. Here at Storplace of Murfreesboro Rd. we offer a wide and varied amount of packing supplies.

Saving Space

    • Have a lot of pots and pans? Store what you can in the stove and other appliances then put the rest in large sturdy dish pack boxes. To save space in the storage unit, take apart any tables and chairs before storing and store large furniture pieces like sofas on their sides. If you are unable to take the legs off stack light weight boxes on top. Safeguard furniture with protective covers like moving blankets or shrink wrap. If you have filing cabinets, store business files and supplies in them. Use every space you have to store items.

Storage Unit Preparation

    • Before storing your items in the unit, place some plastic sheeting or cardboard on the floor for cleanliness. This will  help in sliding boxes and furniture along the floor. If the temperature of the storage unit is an issue, consider placing some moisture absorbers (Damp Rid) in the unit.
    • If standard units are not quite what you are looking for. All 13 of our StorPlace Self Storage locations, located throughout middle Tennessee, also have temperature controlled units available in any size you may need.
    • When arranging boxes and items in the storage unit, place those items you want to get to often close to the entrance. Put valuable items like computers, electronic equipment and power tools in the back of the unit. Leave an aisle for walking, and label each box with a description of what’s inside. Before you leave the storage unit, lock it with a high profile padlock purchased from the storage unit office.


Outdoor Equipment

When placing outdoor equipment in the storage unit, put it to one side and drain any fluids from mowers, weed cutters or other machines prior to storing. Don’t store paint, chemicals or other combustible items. Store lawn tools in a trash can and avoid putting items in garbage bags. Tie shovels, hoes and racks together. Never store Hazardous materials of any kind.

The storage professionals at Storplace of Murfreesboro Rd. and our other 12 locations in middle TN, will be more than happy to give you a site tour and help you choose the best Storage Unit to suit your needs.


Quick Move, Come to Storplace

Come rent a truck from us at Bellvue StorPlace

Moving can sometimes be a stressful and expensive experience and we are here to help make your storage decision as easy and stress-free as possible. The most important storage decision besides, the cost and location of a particular unit is how long you need to store. It is important to decide what you are going to store and how long you are going to store before you search for a unit. Sometimes in the rush of moving we tend to store things that we no longer need or use because we do not have time or the energy to get rid of it. All of our leases are rented on a month-month bases so that you are not locked into a long-term lease. We do allow you to pro-rate out with a notice given by the 1st of the month.

We offer heated and cooled and non-heated and cooled storage units. We recommend heated and cooled units if you have sensitive items or are storing over the summer. We have units that range in size from a 5×5(small closet) to a 10×40(4 bedroom house). We also have 8-ft tall ceilings that allow you to stack items or even place shelves in order to keep items organized. In all of our hallways we have moving carts available to load items on and take the units in fewer trips. Our 12 locations feature site as well as gate surveillance 24-7 and each tenant has their own personalized gate code. For your convenience, we also have several payment options available such has online payment and debit authorization.

When looking for storage, people often forget that many facilities carry moving and storage supplies. This can be a huge time saver if you are setting things up at the last minute. Here at Storplace Self-Storage, we have a variety of moving supplies available to ease the stress of moving. For example, we have clear packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, and surplus of boxes in different sizes. Storplace provides the necessary tools to properly pack and store all your items. Not only can you store your things, but everything you need is right on site and ready when you need it. Our prices are also very competitive and sometimes cheaper that other retail stores. We also provide you with a lock on move-in day so lessen the stress of unloading and then realizing that you need a lock. Storplace Self Storage aims to be your one stop shop for moving supplies, customer service, and stress free moving.

At this location we also rent Budget moving trucks as well as hand trucks, and furniture pads. We have trucks that range in size from 10 foot to 24 foot. This is the perfect location to rent a storage unit because you are able to move and drop off excess items at one location. The convenience of this location is that you will save yourself a lot of time and money because your storage and truck rental are located in the same place.

All of our property managers and assistants aim to provide friendly, upbeat, and caring service to all of our tenants and future tenants. We are here to help with any questions and issues that may arise with storage or truck rentals. Storplace of Bellevue is the perfect location to store your items and be free from worry and stress.




The Knitting Circle: A Book Review by VSN

I recently read “The Knitting Circle” by Ann Hood, a story of a middle aged woman working through the grief of losing her young daughter. The lead character Mary joins a knitting circle at the urging of her mother, whom she has a resentful relationship with, and meets other women with their own secrets and burdens to carry. I found myself deeply moved by the novel and emotionally invested with each of the women as their stories and history unfolds, and realized that I do this on a daily basis with my self storage tenants at StorPlace.

            Yes, I lease spaces, handle accounts, and sell packing supplies, but the job is so much more. Every person that walks through my door has a story, a history, and often a tragedy that has brought them to me. No one leases storage that is not in transition somehow. The death of a loved one, the loss of their home or job, a divorce or marriage, a dream home come true, or a new beginning in a new city. Upheaval is never easy and sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger.

            So I find myself quite often the sympathetic ear.  I like that connection and that trust that my self storage tenants show by sharing their stories and burdens with me. It helps me develop a real relationship with them that allows me to provide the best customer service tailored specifically for them. It also allows me to make their time of upheaval and transition a little easier.

I see my tenants regularly as many choose to pay in the office for the chance to talk a little, visit a while with me. Maybe they just stop in to tell me, the management, their latest test results or show me the newest pictures of their kids, or maybe they have finally gotten that job they have wanted or have decided to leave their partner.  Regardless, they know I am here. I am open and willing to hear them and whatever they need to talk about. No it’s not in the job description, but it may just be the favorite part of my job, and my passion to treat others as we all would like to be treated. This is a rare virtue so absent in our fast paced, competitive world. We at StorPlace self storage try to make each person’s burden a little lighter and their day a little brighter.

And so one might wonder how can self storage really alleviate the stress and pain and dilemmas in a person’s life. It is certainly not the unit itself, regardless of size, location, inside or outside, heated and cooled, door that pulls up or opens sideways. The security feature of a keypad entry and gates. These features aid one in finding the spot best for their needs. But, in the end, it is the people to people business. Is the store interested in your dilemma and willing to recommend options and solutions? Is the store manager warm, friendly, respectful? Is the store manager competent and with a degree of expertise?

You see in the end it is a people to people business. It is sort of like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Does the person feel loved, needed, wanted and appreciated? The tone is set up by the first  meeting—standing up, greeting them with a smile, asking how you can help. Warmth, caring, and respect, go a long way in today’s impersonal and fast-paced world. When a person is storing their belongings for a long or short period of time, they want to have their possessions at a place where they feel that they can trust the people. They want to know and feel theses people are as concerned with their belongings as they are their own. If something should change, they need a person with whom they can have a friendly dialogue with while moving towards a solution.