Summer Is On Its Way

StorPlace of Lebanon PikeWith January coming to an end, that means we are one month closer to the nice summer weather. Summer seems to be the season where everyone likes to get organized, and StorPlace Self Storage would like to help with that. We have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff that will help you figure out what size and what kind of storage unit you will need to get organized.

Items that can be stored at StorPlace Self Storage to create extra space at your home include: Christmas tree and decorations, boxes that are taking up a lot of space in your home, lawn mowers, extra furniture that you do not want to get rid of or  that might be in your way, children’s items that you are not ready to get rid of yet or just anything you need to get out of your house so you can have that extra walking space that you need.

Although moving anything can be stressful, we are aware of that and try our best to make everything else go as smoothly as possible. The storage professionals at StorPlace Self Storage are here to help, we want to see you and your family live happily without having to worry about what you have in storage, because anything worth storing, is worth protecting. That’s why we keep all of our facilities in tip-top shape and we strive for cleanliness.

With 16 convenient locations in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, we like to call ourselves your neighborhood storage facility. Stop by one of our storage facilities, we would love to show you a few storage units to get an idea of what size you may need to get a head start on that summer-time organization.

Organizing Tips to Start off the New Year

Starting January with Organization ProjectsHappy New Year everyone! We hope you had a warm and safe holiday season! Now that it’s January, it’s a great time to start looking at some organizational ideas. We might have some holiday décor or things we do not have any room for, but just can’t let go of. Here at StorPlace Self Storage, we enjoy being organized. Let’s take a look at an effective way to get organized this first quarter. We’ll also look at some events that are going to be taking place in January.

Organization Tips

Get Organized with Storage Bins

I love decorating for the holidays; I usually shop the “after holiday sales” and accrue more décor and such from time-to-time. Want to know a fantastic way to organize your seasonal décor? First, I would suggest purchasing quite a few sturdy totes. Then I would grab a sharpie and all the decorations that need to be stored. Next, I would suggest packing all of your totes by holiday or however you would like. Go ahead and write on the outside of the tote facing you, which holiday is being stored within. Lastly, organize all of your totes in order as the holidays occur. You could also do this with other belongings. There could be a small section dedicated to photographs, crafts or even scrapbooking supplies. This would be a great idea to have access to and not have to dig through the totes or containers. If storing totes and other kinds of bins, purchasing a storage shelf organizer would be a great idea. A shelf organizer would reduce any back pains from having to move things to get to that one tote or bin you need.

Things to Do

With the holidays over, there’s still some fun to get into this month! Here’s some fun things that will be happening nearby…

Southern Invitational Indoor Tractor and Truck Pull


For those interested in motorsports, the Southern Invitational Indoor Truck and Tractor Pull will take place at the Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, on Friday January 29th and Saturday January 30th.  This would be a great event to take the whole family to for an action packed time!


At StorPlace Self Storage of Barfield, we hope you have a bright and beautiful year ahead!

StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd in Nashville

StorPlace Self Storage of Old Hickory Blvd

StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville

The New Year is upon us and if you have made a New Year’s Resolution to clean your attic, basement, or garage now is the time to start your project. These three areas of your house tend to get cluttered while preparing for family visits, a place to hide gifts for families, or in preparation for spring cleaning. It is time to start 2013 off on a good note and get rid of clutter and make space for the new adventures that will happen this year. Many students are getting prepared for college, summer camps, and even trips around the country. Well, once they are gone and their rooms are cleaned and organized, there are things they may not need. StorPlace Self Storage has just the place for those items.Storplace of Old Hickory Boulevard has a variety of storage units available for the excess items you may need to get rid of for a while. We have units to accommodate your Christmas decorations, totes and clothes that you may need to store until you decided to keep, donate, sell or throw them away.

The property managers at Storplace Self Storage of Old Hickory Boulevard are more than happy to help the everyday storage customer in any of their storage needs. It is our goal to provide as many storage solutions and options as we can to make your self storage experience as stress free as possible. We strive every day to give a valiant effort to do everything we can in order to take care of the customer. Our ultimate goal at all of our storage facilities is to ease the stress and sometimes the pain of moving.

Moving can be very expensive, time-consuming, and take months of planning.  At Storplace Self Storage, we are here to assist you over the phone or in person with your storage questions and needs. Our tenants at Storplace of Old Hickory Boulevard have access to their storage unit Monday-Sunday 6am-10pm. All of our leases are month-month, so if you only need the unit for a few months we are more than happy to assist you. We also have a call center that is available to assist you if we are out of the office or the office is closed. If there is any question or concern that you may have you are more than welcome to give us a call at 615-832-3388. See you soon at Storplace of Old Hickory!