Learning and Sharing Life Lessons as a Self-Storage Property Manager

StorPlace Self Storage of GreenwoodHard work pays off in more ways than we realize. In just a short period of time, StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood has gone through a change. We have had challenges to say the least. Over the last year, we have had changes in management. A few people have come and gone and now we are working with a two person crew. The good news about all the change, it has brought new ideas to the table, and a new way to look at things.  A new and different approach to the same task that has been in place can be a challenge to say the least. The good news about all the change, with the strong force of people who are in place, the sky is the limit.

As a new self-storage property manager, I have found that any and everything requires hard work. I take great pride in being a hard worker, but what does that mean? For me as a person, it is the push it takes to do what needs to be done! It can be something as simple as talking to each customer that comes in to make a payment, to ensuring the UPS driver makes his deliveries to the right storage units. Staying on top of things is an understatement when it comes to self-storage.  Being new to this type of business, I did not know to what extent that I would be involved in this career. My only regret, I wish I had gone into this business years ago. I have found myself relying on my past experiences on a daily basis. Not only do you have to be able to be the “fix-it” guy, but you also have to maintain that level of professionalism that our customers have come to expect. We also have to continue with our own professional growth. I have been working with the local Chamber of Commerce, which thus far, has given me even more tools and resources to branch out in the business field. Our StorPlace Self Storage location has worked with local non-profit charities to assist with the challenges they face. This is a reward within itself.

A good friend of mine tells me all the time, “at the end of the day, you have one goal”. It is true that we are not reinventing the wheel, but we have to stay diverse and open to new ideas and concepts that may take us places we didn’t previously think about. When I look back at the past year, I recall all the people who have thanked me for working with them. This is what we all have in our core, the true desire to help, and be helped by our fellow man. Life has its ups and downs. There is no question about that, but if I can do something that is going to make life, or a part of life, a little easier for someone, then I want to be that person.

I have told my assistant many times, “put yourself in their shoes”. If we approach our customers by understanding what it is like to go through a move, pack up everything we own, and move to a new town or place, we can keep the storage stress level low.  It may seem like a little thing, but the reward from it is more than I can put into words.

Outside of my work life, I can see the results of my efforts. When I was willing to help someone out when they were down and out, it comes back to us in ten-fold. The friendships I have grown through the business side of self-storage, is reflected in how I am treated and perceived in the outside world.

Storage Mistakes

Pack boxes for moving and storage correctlyAt StorPlace Self Storage we have seen many people make all sorts of mistakes while either preparing to store or actually packing your belongings in a unit.  Here are just a few of the more common mistakes.

  • Not thinking about insuring your items – Most people don’t realize that most storage facilities don’t insure your items automatically. We do offer a low-cost solution to this problem:  StorPlace Property Protection.  Some form of insurance is a requirement at most if not all storage facilities, whether it is homeowner’s/renters insurance or our StorPlace Property Protection.
  • Wrapping items in the wrong material – Do not use newspaper to wrap items. The ink can bleed onto the item being wrapped causing you to clean it all over again.  Some items can be harder to clean ink off of than others. StorPlace Self Storage offers ink free newsprint to wrap your items in.
  •  Not having enough time or help – Moving is not a fun time for anyone involved and it can be difficult to keep track of everything. You need to make sure you have enough time so that you are not rushed. If you are rushed, you will not pack as neatly and as organized as it could be.  Also, you could potentially cause damage to some items you are storing.
  • Not labelling properly – Make sure you label each box because there is nothing worse than having to go through each and every box looking for one thing. An easy way to do this is to make a “table of contents”.  To do this, just number the boxes and on a separate sheet of paper, write the number of the box and the contents out to the side.  We have plenty of boxes and packing supplies to help with this process at StorPlace Self Storage.

If you have any additional questions about anything that was mentioned above or anything regarding your storage needs feel free to give us a call at (615) 826-1700.

Heated and Cooled Storage

StorPlace Self Storage of Hendersonville


With the cold weather just around the corner it is vital to store your goods in a safe place. That means the best way to keep your things safe from the weather is to put them in a heated and cooled unit. If this winter is anything like the last one, I would recommend using a temperature controlled unit. This will prevent any chance of your things being destroyed from the cold climate. StorPlace Self Storage is an easy and convenient way to protect your property. Self storage is an effective way of combating the seasonal items. It can provide more room in your house, or give you a place in your heart to know the things you treasure are safe and tucked away. Winter is too cold! And when dealing with our personal property it’s in our best interest to put them inside and away from the outside temperature. Self storage offers many solutions to whatever your storage needs are.

StorPlace Self Storage offers many different options for all your storage needs. The great thing is that it’s month-to-month. Therefore, you are not tied-down to long-term contracts. Who would want to be committed to a rental agreement anyways?  Standard units are also great for storing non-temperature sensitive items. These units are great for storing many household items such as toys, tools, and yard equipment. As I mentioned before, you have the option of storing in a heated and cooled unit or a standard unit. The standard units are convenient because you can pull right next to your unit and unload your items. StorPlace Self Storage offers a safe and secure place to store your belongings. We also have top-notch moving and packing merchandise in our state-of-the-art facilities. Come join us and put your trust in our hands. We will not let you down and we stand by our service by whatever steps necessary!

Protecting your Belongings in the Heat

Protecting belongings in storage in the summer heatSometimes, we need to take extra care when we store our belonging in the heat of the summer. The best way to protect your belongings during the summer months is to place them in a temperature controlled space. However, that might not always be an option. As many storage facilities have noticed over the past couple of years, the housing market is in an upswing and is causing a higher than normal occupancy rate among some storage facilities and therefore, unit vacancies are few. Most people would like to have a temperature controlled space but sometimes it is just not available. So what can you do to protect your belonging in a non-temperature controlled storage unit? First, stay away from plastic coverings. A lot of popular moving companies take pride in a job well done.  A good moving company’s number one priority is the protection of the customers belongings during the move and most of them use shrink-wrap to protect the furniture during the move. I agree that this is a great idea, however, you have to remember to remove the plastic and shrink-wrap before the furniture goes into the storage unit. Shrink wrap and plastic furniture covers are a great idea to protect your furniture during a move, but it can trap moisture inside the wrap and damage furniture when it is in storage. The furniture must be able to “breathe”. With that said, the best protection from dust and pollen settling on your stuff while in storage is just a simple cotton sheet. It will allow the furniture to breathe and will not trap moisture but at the same time keep the dust off your nice stuff. Next, furniture placement in the storage unit is important. Do not place any porous materials against a concrete wall. For example, don’t place any wooden items, boxes or mattresses against the wall. Concrete sweats during periods of extreme humidity and can cause major problems in a storage unit when the items are placed up against it. Also, most storage facilities have concrete floors. It is very rare, but in some temperature extremes, the concrete floor can sweat also. This is a time when all of those extra boxes you bought can come in handy. Just flatten those boxes and lay the on the floor before you put your items in the unit. We all know that temperature controlled is best for any time of year; sometimes it is just not available at the time. If you follow the instructions listed above it will save you a lot of headache in the long run. Also, remember not to place electronics, photos or paperwork in a non-temperature controlled space. Stop by any of the 16 StorPlace Self Storage locations in Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky to find out more about temperature controlled vs. non-temperature controlled storage units.

Celebrating the 4th of July

Celebrating the 4th of July


July 4th is always a special time in Nashville, Tennessee. Residents of Music City can momentarily forget the terrible summer heat and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon gathered around barbecues and pools followed by a trek downtown to enjoy one of the nation’s largest fireworks displays and concerts. Many patriots that prefer not to fight the traffic can still enjoy the sights and sounds from their own backyards. Featured in Yahoo! Travel and MSN Living, many fireworks enthusiasts have praised the 4th of July festivities that downtown Nashville has to offer.

“Music City July 4th: Let Freedom Sing” begins on Friday at noon at the Family Fun Zone on 5th Avenue at Broadway where everyone can enjoy fun games, inflatables, and live music. Musical performances include Jason Eskridge and The Farewell Drifters. At 1pm, a Guinness World Record will be attempted to celebrate the nation’s 30th National Ice Cream Month by scooping the most cups of Dippin’ Dots in 3 minutes. Cups of Dippin’ Dots ice cream will then be served to the crowd at no charge. Later in the evening at the main stage at 1st Avenue and Broadway, a concert will be given featuring Striking Matches, Ashley Monroe, Billy Currington, and the Nashville Symphony. Fireworks will commence at 9:45pm and are said to be the longest in Nashville’s history and the biggest in the south.

Another fireworks celebration taking place near Nashville is located at Providence Marketplace in Mt. Juliet, TN, about 15 miles east of Nashville. The Independence Day celebration at Providence is a local treat for those looking to stay away from the large crowds and traffic of downtown Nashville. The festivities at Providence begin at 4pm with free activities like inflatables, obstacle courses, a balloon artist, face painting, video games, and live music. Musicians include Jack & Diane and The Tim McDonald Band featuring Johnny Hiland. Finally, the night will wrap with the fireworks display beginning at 9pm. Retail stores will be open during this special event with great options for patrons celebrating the 4th of July.

If you are staying  in the Murfreesboro area to celebrate the 4th of July, McKnight Park will be holding the city’s “Celebration Under the Stars”. Activities begin at the outdoor pool at 10am with a pool party, games, and prizes until 4:30pm. The evening activities begin at 5pm where there will be games, activities, and inflatables. Following the presentation of the colors at 8pm by the Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Department Color Guard and singing of the national anthem by the Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra will present a night of traditional patriotic classics. Families can bring picnic baskets, lawn chairs, and blankets. Food vendors will be serving as well.

The employees of StorPlace Self-Storage live and work in the communities of Middle Tennessee and will be participating in the 4th of July activities with family and friends. To honor this special day in our nation’s history, all StorPlace Self Storage stores will be closed on Independence Day. Our stores will resume business the next day on Saturday, July 5th. Thank you for making StorPlace Self Storage your neighborhood storage center.

Shoes A Cause for Paws

Shoes A Cause for Paws event


As mentioned before, StorPlace Self Storage partners with the wonderful folks at St. Andrews Church to help with their Animal Ministry Program. They work with People for Animals, a non-profit organization, to help with animal rescues. This spring we teamed up with the organization again for “Shoes a Cause for Paws“,  for the Greyhound Pets of America. The program helped raise funds for expenses for rescued greyhounds. Our customers and team members at  StorPlace of Franklin came through to help out with this project. The slogan of our campaign was” Any Shoe Will do!!!

The goal of “Any Shoe Will do” was to collect at least 300 bags of shoes with 25 pairs in each bag for a total value of $3,000. Did not matter the kind of shoe – penny loafers, kids’ shoes, wingtips, golf shoes, sandals, sports shoes, dress shoes, even boots and flip-flops. I do not have the final figures but I know that we turned over at least 4 shopping bags of shoes to our connection, Suzy Berry. This was their second year to do this and our first year to help. We hope to be able to turn in an even bigger donation next year.

There are other things that are happening near StorPlace of Franklin, such as the new Kroger Store has opening up this month across the street from our facility, beside the recently opened Ford dealership.. Unfortunately, the Kmart has closed, but with the new Kroger store opening up almost simultaneously, almost all the Kmart employees were able to replace their jobs quickly.

What to Ask When Looking for a Storage Unit?

StorPlace Self Storage of Hendersonville


First and foremost, you need to know how big of a  storage unit you will actually need.  Any StorPlace Self Storage associate can help you narrow down the size you need. Also, they can help you determine whether or not you need a heated and cooled unit or a regular storage unit.  Once, you have done this it is time to choose a location.  StorPlace Self Storage has many different locations to choose from all over middle Tennessee and even in Bowling Green, KY.

Next is the time to ask  main three questions: Will my stuff be treated well? How will I be treated?  How will my budget be treated?  These questions below will help you get the answers you are looking for.

 Will my stuff be treated well?

  • How is the security? Check for cameras, fencing, and even ask about break-ins.
  • How convenient is the unit to get to? Have them show the unit to you.
  • How often is the property checked for pests and what measures are taken to prevent them?
  • Do you offer insurance?

How will I be treated?

  • What are the access hours to the property/office?
  • Is there any after-hours customer service?
  • Does the facility accept packages?
  • For the inside units, Are there any carts that can help me move my things?

How will my budget be treated?

  • What is the monthly rate for the unit?
  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • Are there any extra fees at the time of move in?
  • Do you pro-rate?
  • Can you get a discount by paying in advance?
  • Does the quoted rate include the insurance?

Feel free to ask other questions than these.  These are just some basic guideline questions that can help you get the answers you need.  If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at StorPlace Self Storage of Hendersonville.  The phone number is (615) 826-1700.

Customer Specials At StorPlace Self Storage

Customer Appreciation At StorPlace Self Storage


StorPlace Self Storage appreciates its customers.  To demonstrate this, StorPlace Self Storage offers a variety of discounts for current and new tenants.  The offers include a discount on all merchandise as well as packing supplies for current tenants, waiving certain fees to returning tenants, and coupons for new customers.  These are just some of the offers that StorPlace Self Storage has going on all of the time.  Another way that StorPlace Self Storage shows customer appreciation is through the half-off customer appreciation deal.  StorPlace offers discounts if you pay in advance and let’s not forget the refer a friend program.

At all 16  StorPlace Self Storage locations across the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas, and at our Bowling Green, KY location, we offer a 10 percent discount to all current tenants on all merchandise as well as packing supplies.  This is extremely handy for the tenants who haven’t started to pack yet and need supplies.  The supplies include, but are not limited to: boxes, tape, packing blankets, bubble wrap, mattress cover, stretch wrap, packing peanuts and packing kits.

Many returning customers ask, “Is there anything you can do for me since I have been a tenant here before?” The answer is “yes.”  StorPlace Self Storage will waive the administration fee for former and current tenants who are renting another storage unit.  This will help save them the $25 normal administrative fee.

Customers get excited during the customer appreciation special that starts around November 1st, 2014 and runs until February 28, 2015.  This customer appreciation special is for current tenants who rent a second unit. The special is for half-off of the board rate for the second storage unit of a current tenant. This is especially helpful for people who are deciding to move and businesses that use storage. It gives people an opportunity to do some spring cleaning or just give people more room to see what they actually have in storage.

Each StorPlace Self Storage location has different coupon specials that new customers can use. These specials vary and change every now and then.  You can find these specials at www.storplaceselfstorage.com.  Just pick the location that you would like to store at and then select the internet special.  Print out the coupon and bring it with you when you rent the storage unit. Customer appreciation is something StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on.  That is why there are so many different options for customers to feel appreciated including discounts on merchandise, discounts on the rate, and coupons for new customers.

Quick Move, Come to Storplace

Come rent a truck from us at Bellvue StorPlace

Moving can sometimes be a stressful and expensive experience and we are here to help make your storage decision as easy and stress-free as possible. The most important storage decision besides, the cost and location of a particular unit is how long you need to store. It is important to decide what you are going to store and how long you are going to store before you search for a unit. Sometimes in the rush of moving we tend to store things that we no longer need or use because we do not have time or the energy to get rid of it. All of our leases are rented on a month-month bases so that you are not locked into a long-term lease. We do allow you to pro-rate out with a notice given by the 1st of the month.

We offer heated and cooled and non-heated and cooled storage units. We recommend heated and cooled units if you have sensitive items or are storing over the summer. We have units that range in size from a 5×5(small closet) to a 10×40(4 bedroom house). We also have 8-ft tall ceilings that allow you to stack items or even place shelves in order to keep items organized. In all of our hallways we have moving carts available to load items on and take the units in fewer trips. Our 12 locations feature site as well as gate surveillance 24-7 and each tenant has their own personalized gate code. For your convenience, we also have several payment options available such has online payment and debit authorization.

When looking for storage, people often forget that many facilities carry moving and storage supplies. This can be a huge time saver if you are setting things up at the last minute. Here at Storplace Self-Storage, we have a variety of moving supplies available to ease the stress of moving. For example, we have clear packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, and surplus of boxes in different sizes. Storplace provides the necessary tools to properly pack and store all your items. Not only can you store your things, but everything you need is right on site and ready when you need it. Our prices are also very competitive and sometimes cheaper that other retail stores. We also provide you with a lock on move-in day so lessen the stress of unloading and then realizing that you need a lock. Storplace Self Storage aims to be your one stop shop for moving supplies, customer service, and stress free moving.

At this location we also rent Budget moving trucks as well as hand trucks, and furniture pads. We have trucks that range in size from 10 foot to 24 foot. This is the perfect location to rent a storage unit because you are able to move and drop off excess items at one location. The convenience of this location is that you will save yourself a lot of time and money because your storage and truck rental are located in the same place.

All of our property managers and assistants aim to provide friendly, upbeat, and caring service to all of our tenants and future tenants. We are here to help with any questions and issues that may arise with storage or truck rentals. Storplace of Bellevue is the perfect location to store your items and be free from worry and stress.




StorPlace Re-launches Their Social Media Pages!

StorPlace-Murfreesboro Tennessee

Stop by to visit one of our 13 locations in the Nashville and Murfreesboro area

StorPlace strives to make self storage easy, friendly and convenient! With our 13 locations  in the Nashville, Murfreesboro and Bowling Green, Kentucky area, we are here for all of your self storage needs. Our facilities offer regular and climate-controlled storage units, packing supplies, RV outdoor storage and our very own StorPlace protection.

We are committed to our communities by supporting many local charitable organizations such as YMCA Restore Ministries,  Salama Urban MinistriesThe American Red Cross , Soles4Souls and Charis Ministries are among the many charitable organizations that we work with.  We are also very proud to be helping victims of the tornadoes that have affected our region in the past few years. StorPlace is a proud member of many community business organizations such as the Greater Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Self Storage Association, Greater Nashville Association of Realtors  and partnered with Crye Leike real estate companies  just to name a few.

Beginning this month, StorPlace is re-launching our social media sites to show our continued commitment to our community. We will continue to share storage tips and storage information, but we are also going to share more stories about our StorPlace family and our community. We hope that you will join us  by becoming a fan of our Facebook page, Twitter page,  YouTube page, LinkedIn page, and subscribe to our blog posts.