Self-Storage Career Options for Recent College Graduates

Cleanliness is most important for self storage securityI’ve had a lot of jobs for someone my age. Almost out of college, and I was just looking for something more fulfilling than the retail job I was in–both financially and mentally.

Driving through Bowling Green, Kentucky one day–on the way to my boring retail job at the mall–I saw “Part Time Position” scroll across the sign at StorPlace. I thought to myself, “Why not?” So I stopped in, picked up an application, and in less than a week I was hired as an Assistant Property Manager. The rest is history.

I had previously also worked as a Leasing Consultant at an apartment complex. Never did I imagine that leasing storage units and leasing apartments would be similar. I was definitely proved wrong very quickly. The work here is challenging and everyday is something new. I really enjoy that because I am gaining real world experience!
I also have nothing but great things to say about the people I work with. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms.

Also, being a senior in college, studying Human Resource Management, I didn’t ever consider the possibility of going into the self-storage business after I graduated. It’s not something that usually comes up in the course of the class material as a job option. According to an article by Scott Meyers on titled “Recession-Proof Real Estate”, self-storage is generally less effected by economic downturns. As a future college graduate, this is a very hopeful statement for someone entering the full-time job force.

To know that a job within self-storage could be one of the more stable jobs is a very exciting thing to hear. While we aren’t necessarily in an economic downturn right now, it can happen at any time. I guess what I am suggesting for people my age is to not knock anything until you try it. Look at the possibilities in self-storage before you turn your nose up at it. It could be something that you want to make your career. I know it’s definitely working for me so far!

On a final note, if you are looking for self-storage, please come and see what we have to offer at StorPlace. I may be biased, but this is the best storage place for all your storage needs. Around here, every day is something new and hopefully today you will be new to us!

Springtime in Bowling Green!

StorPlace of Bowling Green, KYThe rain comes down and the green comes up! Everywhere! The weather is perfect and I’m enjoying every minute of spring’s arrival in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I called friends in Denver, Colorado recently and they were suffering through a blizzard, so it’s GREAT to be in Kentucky right now.

With the new season, longer days and more sunshine – it’s also time for change. For some, that means time to sell their home. Spring is the time folks are selling and buying houses and when they do, they come in looking for packing materials and storage solutions. By asking questions, you find out not only do they need a box or tape, but they also need advice on which storage solution best fits their needs. For all household items, our experienced and knowledgeable staff is glad to help.

Our storage solutions can first help you stage your home for prospective buyers. This helps enable people to sell their house within days. But now they haven’t found a new home yet, so they need a place for the rest of their belongings, which is where we will continue to build that relationship with our customers. In addition to home sales, we look forward to Western Kentucky University students coming to town and storing with us as well.

Of course, with the rain and longer days of sunshine –also comes the weeds. These weeds grow four inches over night. Luckily we are getting a new landscaper, but in the meantime, we are weed pulling, grass mowing, and anything else we need to do to keep the property looking nice. Spring time means clean time! Way up north here in BG KY, we have a great team. It takes TEAMWORK to make a store work and that’s why we believe in the following mantra:

T- Task Oriented
A-Attention to Detail


Stop by StorPlace today to let our team help you get the most out of your spring and summer season!

Where to Turn When It’s Time to Clear Out the Clutter

Storage Solutions at StorPlace Self StorageIs it time to clear the clutter out of your garage? Or maybe it’s time stage your home for sale on the real estate market. If so, turn to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at StorPlace Self-Storage of Bellevue. No matter what the decluttering project you’re faced with, we have an excellent solution for you.

Our address at StorPlace Bellevue is 7332 Tolbert Rd, 37209. Here we will help you determine a size of storage unit that best fits your needs. We also sell all necessary moving and packing supplies to help open up much-needed space around your house. If you need a truck, you are also in luck because StorPlace of Bellevue rents Budget trucks as well. You could consider us your one stop shop for all your moving, packing and storage needs!

Maybe you are getting your boat serviced or even your RV or camper. Maybe your son or daughter is attending college here in Nashville and looking to store items from their dorm room. Don’t worry, we have several different solutions available from vehicle parking, standard storage units and climate controlled units. No matter what, if you are looking to store something, give one of our StorPlace locations a call and we will be glad to help. Our gate hours are 6AM to 10 PM, seven days a week so stop by anytime.


Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now here comes the…Storage Unit??

StorPlace of Murfreesboro RdOne of the biggest events in your life is about to happen. You’re getting married! You and your fiancé are now trying to figure out what to do with the belongings you have accumulated between the two of you over the years. You are looking at building your first home together, but it will not be done for almost a year and your wedding is six months away. You end up having to rent an apartment for a while until the house is built, but you both have way more stuff than you imagined—and not all of it will fit in the apartment. Your relatives do not want your stuff being at their house, so where do you put your belongings in the mean time? Why you put your items in a storage unit of course!

This scenario, as well as many others, is commonly heard here at StorPlace Self Storage. We want to be able to help you no matter what the situation may be. Here at StorPlace, we have many options for you and your items. We have unit sizes that range from a tiny 5×5 all the way up to a humungous 10×30. Are your items sensitive to extreme temperatures? No problem! We have units that are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. These storage units are perfect for items like paintings, leather furniture, and electronics. Only need to store outside items? Outside storage units are great for those kinds of things! You can drive right up to the outside units and drop off your items in no time at all. Are you planning to decorate and buy things for your own wedding and need a place to organize and store your supplies? We’ve got you covered! The inside storage units are a good choice for storing the wedding supplies until your big day. Although these units are not heated and cooled, they still provide ample protection for your belongings.

We all know that moving day can be one of the most dreaded and most stressful days in a person’s life. For the dreaded days that will come when you move into that apartment—and later to that beautiful home with your spouse—we offer a full line of boxes and packing supplies to help make those transitions a little smoother. We have everything from dish and glass kits to tape, packing boxes of different sizes to bungee cords to help keep your items in place on the moving truck, and bubble wrap to moving labels. Coming off the demands of planning your wedding, we want to help relieve as much of that moving-day stress as we possibly can that is sure to follow.

From storage units to packing supplies, StorPlace Self Storage is just the place to release some of the moving-day stress and maybe a little of those wedding day jitters. You can take a look at our website, We have tips and videos that you can watch that might be helpful to you, especially if this happens to be your first moving experience. You can also stop by the StorPlace Self Storage nearest you and take a look at what we have to offer. Our friendly staff will be with you every step of the way and can answer any questions you may have. Whatever the scenario, StorPlace is here for you!

Oh, and congratulations!

Frequently Asked Storage Questions

Welcome to StorPlace Self StorageBelow are four of the more common questions we’ve heard from our customers. If you have additional storage questions our friendly staff is here to help. Stop by one of our 17 locations or give us a call today.

1. Is the storage location convenient?

A lot of what goes into choosing where to store your belongings is where the actual facility is located. StorPlace has 17 locations spread all throughout middle Tennessee and even in Bowling Green, Kentucky. So, there are plenty of convenient locations to choose from.

2. Are the storage units safe and secure?

Here at StorPlace, our locations are safe and secure. We have 24-hour surveillance and fenced in properties. Feel free to stop by and check out any of our locations, Monday-Saturday from 9am-5:30pm. Also, checking online reviews for companies will help give you an idea of the great experience our customers have had with the company.

3. What are the access hours?

Every company will probably be different with their access times. Here at StorPlace the access hours are 6am-10pm, because we know that not everyone can make between 9am-5pm. We try to make it as convenient as possible for everyone while keeping it safe and secure at night.

4. How do I choose the right size?

The easiest way to figure out the size you are going to need is to pack everything up and give us a call here at StorPlace. If you can give us an accurate description of what you are going to be storing we can help you determine what size you will need. Then, you can come by one of our 17 convenient locations and check it out for yourself.

What to Consider When Selecting a Non-Temperature Controlled Self-Storage Unit

Find the right storage unit size for your needs at StorPlace Self StorageIf you are going to store your belongings in a non-temperature controlled self-storage unit there are several important things to consider. Storing items in non-temperature controlled storage is very similar to storing your items in a detached garage. While it will be protected from weather events, it will also be exposed to the extreme temperatures and humidity of our natural environment. So what items work best in non-temperature controlled units and what should be avoided? We’ve broken that down in the list below.

  • What not to store: Let us start with what you definitely do not want to place in a non-temperature self-storage unit. Never store electronics (flat screen TV’s), leather, paintings, or photos in a non-temp unit.
  • Household items: Furniture, boxes, and appliances are fine as long as they don’t stay in storage for longer than three months. But be sure to not use plastic to wrap anything in a non-temperature unit because this will trap in moisture and cause mold.
  • Mattresses: If it can be avoided, I would not suggest storing a mattress in a non-temp controlled space. However, if you do, I would not place it in plastic as mattresses are not as clean as we would all love to think they are, and it’s possible that bacteria could grow from the moisture and heat. If you do place a mattress in a non-temp unit, just buy a couple of cheaper fitted sheets and place them on either side of the mattress to keep it clean and free of dust.
  • Drive up non-temp storage units: this type of non-temperature controlled unit is not completely sealed off from the outside air. These units need to be able to “breathe” so this will allow some dust and pollen to make it inside of the units. To cover items in this type of storage unit, it is best to use a thin sheet because it will not trap moisture.

If you have any of the above items in storage for longer than three months, you may want to consider temperature control units. Now, obviously, there are items that do not ever have to be stored in temperature controlled like lawn mowers, lawn equipment, tools etc. Those items can be place in a non-temperature controlled unit for as long as needed without any worry. But if you’re not sure which type of storage unit works best for you, be sure to speak with your StorPlace manager. Our team is here to help you select the storage solution that is best for you, and have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction.

Springtime Storage Ideas

StorPlace of Bowling Green, KYSpring has officially arrived! After months of cold and gloom, springtime offers many reasons for excitement.

For college students, final exams are within sight and the school year is nearly complete. Spring also serves as a reminder to students that it’s now time to clean out their dorms before heading home for the summer. For some students, packing up your belongings and driving them to your parents’ house may be difficult. With many StorPlace facilities around Nashville offering month to month terms, students can store dorm room essentials and valuable items for just the summer as more efficient alternative.

For others, this is also a time of year when we shift our focus to spring cleaning projects. This is a chance to store away extra boxes and furniture that might be cluttering your house and garage. It’s also a time to store away winter items like sleds, shovels, heaters, and extra bedding. If you have small closets, you can even store away your sweaters, coats, and other winter clothing items!

With better weather comes outdoor adventures. Dust off your boat or jet ski and head out to the lake! Our facilities can be accessed seven days a week between the hours of 6am to 10pm so you can spend the whole day enjoying water and sunshine.

Whatever way you choose, let StorPlace give you a “fresh” start to make sure you get outside and enjoy the sunshine throughout the spring and summer months!

7 Steps to Stop Procrastinating

StorPlace Self StorageEveryone battles varying degrees of procrastination. Some people will even avoid difficult tasks by deliberately looking for increasingly available distractions. Procrastination, in large part, reflects our perennial struggle with self-control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we’ll feel in the future. We sometimes rationalize our procrastination by convincing ourselves that we perform better under pressure, but that’s not always true in reality. The bright side is, however, that by taking the proper steps we can remove procrastination from our lives once and for all.

For me, technology offers constant distractions. Text messages, emails, and advertisements constantly seem to bid for my attention. If you’re like me, you fall prey to these distractions, as well. The steps I took to help me overcome my issues with procrastination are listed below in hopes they can start helping you too!

1. Exercise Every Day

Exercise always seems to help my physical and mental health—it can also seem to fuel my attention span. A walk during a lunch break could help you concentrate when you return to work. Regular exercise also provides long-term benefits to your attention span.

2. Set a Break Time Reminder

Trying to focus on a task for hours on end will wreak havoc on your attention span. The more you sit and try to make yourself pay attention, the less attentive you may become. In an effort to meet a deadline, many people avoid taking breaks. But taking short breaks may be the secret to getting your work done in less time. Setting a reminder to take a break every 50 minutes can help you return to your task with improved attention.

3. Turn Off the Obvious Distractions

Every interruption, whether it’s a phone call, a question from a co-worker, or an email, disrupts your concentration and impairs your performance. Even a disruption as short as 2.8 seconds doubles your chances of making an error, according to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Interruptions lead to poor quality and can cause you to take longer to finish the task. If you really want to improve your attention, limit as many distractions as possible. Turn off your smartphone and email, then watch your productivity improve!

4. Drink Black Tea

Although most people reach for another cup of coffee to get through an afternoon slump, black tea may be a better choice. I read in a report that theanine—an amino acid exclusive to tea— can help provide laser-light focus. Theanine, which increases calmness and relaxation, interacts with caffeine to synchronize the brain activity related to attention processing. Additionally, tea provides more consistent alertness throughout the day compared to coffee, even when matched for caffeine content.

5. Meditate

I have just recently started to set aside a certain part of the day for simple meditation. Among the many benefits of meditation is an improved attention span. Research conducted on Buddhist monks who have spent years training in meditation show they enjoy a much longer attention span than most people. But the good news is, you don’t have to study meditation for years to reap the benefits.

6. Enjoy the Outdoors

Spending time in nature could greatly reduce your mental fatigue and restore your attention span. Nature has such a powerful impact on attention that “green time” has become a recommended treatment for children with ADHD.

7. Tackle the Task Head-On

If you know you have a project that has a deadline, don’t wait to the last minute to start it! Sounds simple, but I am just now finishing a blog that was due today at 5:30 pm! I knew this blog had a deadline, but kept putting it off until I thought I would have time to sit and finish it. What I should have done—as soon as I found out I would be responsible for this—was to start it that day. But as I continue to learn and grow in this area, I’ll make sure that’s what I do next time.

I hope that by reviling some of my weakness and hardship with some simple approach, it will help someone else that finds themselves in the same boat.

Three Key Factors When Choosing Self-Storage

StorPlace of Hickory Hollow








When storing there are many factors to consider so do your research:

  • Choosing the right packing supplies is a very important starting with boxes and tape.
  • Picking the right location for storing your goods is very important.
  • Deciding on the right storage unit for your storing need is the most important thing to consider.

The self-storage tips below will help you make an informed decision on all your self-storage needs.

Packing for Self-Storage

First thing in storing is packing your personal goods. Boxes are the easiest and most convenient way to pack. Many people have the notion that the bigger the box the better, not always the case. When selecting boxes think about what you are storing and who will be moving it. Small boxes which are great for heavier items, such as books and dishes, can get heavy very quickly. Larger boxes are great for storing lighter items such as towels, blankets, and comforters.  StorPlace Self Storage offers many special-sized boxes, like mirror boxes, which are great for storing mirrors or paintings. Remember when using boxes to properly secure them with tape and filler material like bubble wrap and foam peanuts for extra security.

Storage Location

When storing your personal belongings in self-storage, an important consideration is location.  A secure and conveniently located storage facility is always a plus. For example if you are moving to a new town, it is best to find a storage facility closer to where you will be moving instead of one across town. The more convenient a location is to where you live the easier it is to access your personal goods. StorPlace Self Storage has 14 conveniently located and secure storage facilities in middle Tennessee ready to accommodate all your storage needs. Location is a convenience when dealing with self-storage.

Selecting a Storage Unit Size

Once you have packed your belongings and determined the right self-storage location for your storing needs, you must select an appropriate storage unit. Storage units come in many different sizes and with many different features. Selecting the right storage unit for your belongings sometime requires a little extra insight. The storage professionals at StorPlace Self Storage can provide the insight and help to determine the storage unit size  that will best serve you. Do you require a small or large unit or a drive up unit, or maybe a heated and cooled unit? These are just a few of the questions that a property manager can assist you with.  Your personal belongings are very important and you want to take great care of them. Choosing a storage unit should be no different; take the same care when selecting your self-storage unit.

There is no unimportant part to self-storage. Starting with getting the proper packing supplies and materials necessary for the job ahead. Another very important part of storing with self-storage is find a location that suits you best, a location down the road is better than across town. Finally, select the right unit for your storage needs, if you don’t know ask! A storage professional will help you determine what type of unit would benefit you the most and if that unit will be enough or not enough for your storing needs.

Organizing and Decluttering

Decluttering and Organization Tips

Spring is around the corner: flowers are blooming, bunny rabbits are hoping and the house is full of clutter. You are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and know it’s time to get rid of all of that clutter. Take control of your life and reclaim your space.


It’s important to have a clear goal in mind of what you would like your home to look like after getting rid of all the clutter. Your vision should give you a clear ideal how to reclaim the space in your home. Having a project goal for your organizing your house or garage helps you to decide what to keep or throw out in your decluttering process.

First, declutter the area or room that is causing you the most stress.  Start small, but, also set a fixed time and day to have the project completed. Have four bags; label them as “Keep” “Throw out” “Donate” and “Not sure”.  Use a fast sorting approach, ask yourself a few questions to help determine what to toss or keep:

1.    When was the last time I used or worn the item?
2.    Will I use or wear it again?
3.    Is it worthy holding on to it or is it taking up space?

We have many products and items in our house which we rarely us. This is a good time to decide options for storing these items. Some people decided to rent a storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage  offers a wide variety of storage options, some have heated and cooled units for storing pictures, antiques or oil paintings. Sizes of the storage units can range from 5×5, 5×10, and 10×10 to 10×30. The size of the storage unit you choose will depend on how much clutter you need to get out of your house or garage.

An important part of clutter control is having a place for everything and keeping your stuff in its place. Organizing your home will make your life less stressful and lessen feeling overwhelmed when you walk in the door. Plus, you get more time to enjoy the Spring!!!!