Summer Time

Outdoor activities in MurfreesboroSUMMER!  It’s that much-anticipated time of year again!  Time to break out the swim suits, beach gear, and enjoy the great outdoors.  Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department offer so many programs to help you get out and enjoy the outdoors and at little to no cost.  Here are a few of the activities they offer:

The Better Boro Project – “The Better Boro Project is a city-wide initiative designed to promote healthy eating, encourage outdoor recreation, and provide unique and accessible wellness activities”

As part of this project they are offering several activities that are free of charge such as Zumba on June 13th or Boat Day on June 17th.  You can get a full list of all activities on their website at

Family Camp Out – This sounds like a fun adventure.  You and your family can camp out at Barfield Crescent Park during select weekends.  As an attendee, you will get to participate in activities set up by the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department.  The cost is $10 per adult, $5 for children ages 5-12, and free to children 4 and under.

Outdoor Activities – Murfreesboro Parks and Recreations Department offers several programs to fit any lifestyle.  They offer kayaking and canoeing outings down the Stones River for a fee of $15. They also have several opportunities to enjoy hiking.  You can get more information by visiting the outdoor activities page at 

StorPlace Self Storage is a company that encourages family time and good overall health.  Working for this company I have been able to enjoy my family while still being employed.  All of our stores are open Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 5:30pm allowing employees to have time for fun in the afternoons and on Sundays.  I often check the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreations Department page to find ideas for activities that my family and I would enjoy.  I encourage you to do the same and take advantage of the wonderful programming they offer.


Security and Safety

Computerized entry at StorPlace Self Storage

You have your own personalized access code to the gates at StorPlace Self Storage

Have you ever wondered how safe and secure your belongings are?  Much like the old adage “you get what you pay for”, self storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes with different amenities.  Each storage facility offers some features to consider, but at StorPlace Self Storage, we offer that “little extra”.

Self storage security should include cylinder locks, digital camera systems, gated access, a barbed wire fence, and personal daily walk-through of the properties by company employees. There are so many things a person can do to assure themselves that they get the very best.

Our high security cylinder locks are made of the hardest steel with 21 brass pins that allows not only thousands of different key changes, but anti-pick punch resistant mechanisms.  3 high security round keys comes with every tenants lock which are difficult to copy except at a qualified locksmith shop.  These locks alone can be a deterrent to someone with ill-gotten intentions.

Digital site surveillance is top of the line at StorPlace Self Storage We have cameras that record each time any motion is detected.  Don’t scratch your nose because “Big Brother” will surely capture you on hidden camera! This remarkably clear footage is one of the best surveillance systems.

Along with the digital system, our properties are surrounded by 8 foot chain linked and wrought iron fences topped with barbed wire. The gated properties are accessed by individual assigned security pass codes. Gate entry and passage is then recorded with date stamping as well as the customers name and time.

Each day our employees walk the property and verify the safety and security of each customer’s storage door and lock.  Fences and lighting are also monitored to assure facility up-keep as well as security.

Other considerations when choosing a storage facility would be cleanliness and pest control.   With the help of Belle Meade exterminators, StorPlace Self Storage facilities have monthly service to prevent problems with rodents and bug. Our well-trained employees also sweep, mop and maintain the grounds and buildings to keep them clean.

Stop by anytime at one of our 16 convenient locations for a site tour and see for yourself; You really do “get what you pay for” and you also “get your money’s worth” too when storing at StorPlace Self Storage!   We have facilities located in Bellevue, Antioch, Hendersonville, Madison, Hermitage, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and Bowling Green, KY.

StorPlace Self Storage, your neighborhood storage facility!


Celebrate Spring With Great Events in the Nashville Area

Spring Concerts & Events in Nashville Area



At StorPlace Self Storage, we are excited about the warm spring weather we’ve been getting! One of my favorite things to do this time of year is going to outdoor concerts and festivals!

Here are a few fun festivities coming up in May:

To start off the month, Murfreesboro hosted  the 19th Annual Main Street JazzFest May 1-2nd. The music headliner this year was pianist, Reggie Thomas. There was also performances by Music City Swing, Rod McGaha, Rock Williams, Halfbrass, MTSU Jazz Ensemble, MTSU Faculty and Murfreesboro Youth Jazz Orchestra. This was a free, family oriented event featuring great music, children’s activities and numerous food vendors.

Barfield Crescent Park will be having its Barfield Beach Party on May 8th. Over 60 tons of sand will be brought in to create the beach. This party will feature music, dancing and a variety of games and activities for all ages.

Another local favorite, is the Tennessee Renaissance Festival which be held in Arrington on May 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, and 23 – 25. The festival will be held from 10am to 6:00pm with an adult admission rate of $20.00 and a child admission rate (ages 6-12) of $7.00. At the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, you can experience what it would be like to “travel back to 16th Century England where its Village of Covington Glen comes alive with the bustle of a Renaissance Marketplace.” There will be something for all ages with over 60 artisans, craft merchants, musicians, games, camel rides, pirate’s maze, and plenty of great food. Included with admission to the Festival is a free tour of the Castle Gwynn’s first floor and grounds.

Hendersonville held the 3rd Annual Buttercup Festival May 1-2nd. There was fun for all ages at the festival including; live music, car show, craft and art vendors, and a kid zone featuring a petting zoo and inflatables (bounce houses, etc.). There was also multiple food trucks and great food booths.

No matter where you go or what you do just remember to take time for yourself and your family to just enjoy life! StorPlace Self Storage understands that life can be stressful and we value taking time to relax and recuperate from everyday life!

Storage Mistakes

Pack boxes for moving and storage correctlyAt StorPlace Self Storage we have seen many people make all sorts of mistakes while either preparing to store or actually packing your belongings in a unit.  Here are just a few of the more common mistakes.

  • Not thinking about insuring your items – Most people don’t realize that most storage facilities don’t insure your items automatically. We do offer a low-cost solution to this problem:  StorPlace Property Protection.  Some form of insurance is a requirement at most if not all storage facilities, whether it is homeowner’s/renters insurance or our StorPlace Property Protection.
  • Wrapping items in the wrong material – Do not use newspaper to wrap items. The ink can bleed onto the item being wrapped causing you to clean it all over again.  Some items can be harder to clean ink off of than others. StorPlace Self Storage offers ink free newsprint to wrap your items in.
  •  Not having enough time or help – Moving is not a fun time for anyone involved and it can be difficult to keep track of everything. You need to make sure you have enough time so that you are not rushed. If you are rushed, you will not pack as neatly and as organized as it could be.  Also, you could potentially cause damage to some items you are storing.
  • Not labelling properly – Make sure you label each box because there is nothing worse than having to go through each and every box looking for one thing. An easy way to do this is to make a “table of contents”.  To do this, just number the boxes and on a separate sheet of paper, write the number of the box and the contents out to the side.  We have plenty of boxes and packing supplies to help with this process at StorPlace Self Storage.

If you have any additional questions about anything that was mentioned above or anything regarding your storage needs feel free to give us a call at (615) 826-1700.

Are you storing your photos correctly?

Tips for storing photographsPhotos are memories of moments that you want to cherish and protect. It is important to go that “extra mile” in order to make sure that they are safe and protected while in storage. As a photographer, I know what it means to keep these items protected and that they’re close to the heart. Storing your photos is a relatively easy process and important in order  to guarantee that you will be able to hold on to your memories for many years to come. Storplace Self Storage of Rivergate highly recommends a heated and cooled storage unit to protect your temperature sensitive items. (including photos, paintings, antiques, electronics, wood, leather, etc.)

Here are some tips on how to properly store your photos:

  1. Keep photos stored at a moderate/cool temperature of 60-75 degrees fahrenheit.


  1. Try to store your photos in paper enclosures that are made from a high quality, non-acidic, lignin-free paper. (Try to avoid an envelope with a center seam, as the adhesive can damage the photo).


  1. If you do need to store photos in plastic, use uncoated pure polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester (also called Mylar D or Mellinex 516) protective sleeves.


  1. AVOID any type of PVC plastics (it will have that plastic-y or new car smell). Over time, these types of plastics can stick to your photos and damage them.


  1. Photo albums are a quick and decorative alternative for more short-term storage or if you like to look at your photographs often, but try not to stack any photos.


  1. NO FINGERPRINTS! Remember, it is best to always hold a photograph by its edges, supporting it from underneath with your hand. The oils in your fingers can really damage a photo!


  1. The safest (but most expensive) way to store photographs is to mat them in high quality ragboard or matboard. This method is excellent for photos that are to be framed and displayed, but can also be used for more long-term storage.

Another alternative is to digitize your photographs, whether it be to a SD card, flash drive, computer, etc. But just like reading a good book on a Kindle or an iPad, there is nothing better than the real thing in your hands!

Stop by any of the 16 StorPlace Self Storage locations for more information on storage units and how to properly store your beloved belongings and get a showing of the perfect storage unit for you!

What Type of Box Do You Need?

Moving & Packing supplies at StorPlaceSpring has sprung!  And folks are now springing into action and getting ready to move! Some people like to take the time to make sure their belongings make it safely to their new destination. Others just want to get everything moved and done as soon as possible. Whether you’re the former or the latter, it’s always a good idea to pack your things as neatly as possible.  From boxes to bubble wrap to tape to tie down rope; you’re sure to find everything you need for your move here at StorPlace Self Storage!

When packing your boxes, size and weight does matter.  You want to be sure to put all of your smaller, heavier items in small or medium size boxes.  This enables you to carry the heavier things more easily because there is not as much weight to carry at one time with the small and medium boxes.  Good items to pack in small and medium boxes are heavy figurines, books, CD’s or DVD’s, and dishes.  When packing those heavy items, you want to make sure you wrap them securely before boxing them up.  At StorPlace Self Storage, we have the right stuff for your wrapping needs. We have bubble wrap, newsprint, packing peanuts, and foam sheets. We also have dish and glass kits, which are cardboard grids with foam sleeves that will fit in our small boxes so that you can neatly wrap and pack your fragile dinnerware.

Next, StorPlace Self Storage has large and extra-large boxes for your bigger, bulkier items, such as bedding, pillows, computer equipment, clothing, and cookware.  All of the regular packing boxes at StorPlace Self Storage have hand holes on opposite sides of the box to make it easy for carrying from one place to another.  We do have boxes that are made for more specific needs, such as lamp boxes, mirror boxes, and wardrobe boxes.  The mirror boxes are great for mirrors, paintings, art, and flat screen TVs.  We have small and large mirror boxes depending on the size of your items.  Our wardrobe boxes are really good for storing nicer clothing. The wardrobe boxes come with a metal bar that hangs from the top of the box so you can use your hangers and still are able to hang your nicer clothing and keep them from getting wrinkled.

Finally, to complete your box packing, you should secure your boxes with tape of course!  Why buy your packing tape elsewhere when you can get it at StorPlace Self Storage when you pick up your boxes?  We have clear packing tape and paper tape.  The paper tape is great for using on the bottom of the boxes and gives your boxes added strength and security underneath. We also have tape guns and dispensers to make taping everything a little easier and faster for you.

We have tie down rope, box labels, shrink-wrap, moving blankets, etc.  There is a plethora of different moving, storing, and packing supplies in our stores that you may not realize you need until the last minute.  So whether you’re looking for items to make your move go more smoothly or you’re looking for an odd size box to ship that odd-shaped item, you can be sure that when you step into StorPlace Self Storage, you will leave with what you need and have no worries.


Signs of Spring at StorPlace of Greenwood

College Student StorageRight down the street from StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood is Western Kentucky University (WKU).

Along with signs of spring flowers and returning birds of the season, students and parents have emerged from their winter sleep. Well, that may be a bit too poetic! Actually, the semester at hand is nearing its close and students will need to store their things for the summer. In the storage industry, it is a known fact that parents of students don’t want to take their kids’ things home with them just to return the same stuff in the fall. So, storage becomes a very important part of the spring ritual.

Last year, StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood expanded to include a sister facility that is located directly behind the local Mall. Along with our home location on Campbell Lane, both facilities are being prepped in expectation for the student rush. In fact, it has already begun. One parent, who rented a space for her daughter last year, has already called to reserve a unit. Since she does not need the unit until the beginning of May, we can’t reserve a unit yet.  However, we have put her name on the top of the Intent to Reserve list and will take her deposit at the end of April. It is still early, but as in the case of ‘Mrs. L’, some parents are right on task. The desire not to haul their kids’ stuff around gets many parents extra motivated!

Most students rent a 5×5 unit which is basically the size of a broom closet. It is large enough to hold the quintessential dorm refrigerator, portable television, and a few plastic storage tubs. For those students storing a mattresses and box springs, a 5×10 unit is in order. This unit is a walk-in closet size, and can hold most dorm items up to a large room of furniture. Both of these units have nine-foot tall ceiling heights for stacking. Of course, other students come in with more items and need a larger unit.

At the end of the semester, many local apartment complexes that cater to students end their leases and essentially force students to move out. Most want to and plan to go home for the summer, while others move out reluctantly. Regardless, with up to a one-bedroom apartment worth of furniture, many will need a 10×10 unit. That extra space comes in handy when couches, chairs, dinette sets, and other student furniture needs to be stored.

At StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood, we are ready to serve the student population with their summer storage needs. Many return here every year during their undergraduate days.  In just a short while, we expect many ‘Mrs. L’s’ to come on by.

The Basics of Storing in a Self Storage Unit

Self Storage basic tipsThese are some basic tips that most people do not think about when putting their belongings in storage.  They will help utilize your storage space effectively and spend your money wisely.  First, take a look at the items that you are going to store. Determine the approximate size storage unit you will need (StorPlace Self Storage managers are great at this). Then, stop by one of the many convenient locations that StorPlace Self Storage has in the Middle Tennessee area.  It is important to make sure you feel completely comfortable when you are storing your goods.  StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on understanding our costumer’s needs and will personally make sure you feel great about storing with us.  Please don’t take my word for it; come in to see for yourself.

Something else to consider when using self-storage would be to decide if you will need to rent a temperature controlled unit.  This is the best way to protect your items from the outside climate.  Let’s look at some items and decide the smart way to store those items.  As you place your belongings in a storage unit, put the larger boxes at the bottom of the stack and label each box.  If the boxes are packed full, they are less likely to collapse.

If you are storing appliances than you will need to follow a few extra steps as you put them in storage.  If there is any type of food appliances make sure you clean them extremely well.  Also, keep in mind that just because they look clean does not mean that there is not any small food particles left on the appliances that can attract bugs to your storage.  You may even want to use a non-toxic bug spray on those appliances, just in case.  Next if you are storing a refrigerator make sure you unplug it a few hours before you move it.  That way it can defrost and drain. The same would go for a washing machine or dish washer.

The next item on the list is how to keep dust off of your furniture and mattresses.  It is always wise to use a mattress, couch, or chair cover.  All of these tips come from many years of experience, so we hope you take a moment and implement these helpful tips.

Whatever your situation is; StorPlace Self Storage of Medical Center will ensure that you receive the best quality of service and are totally satisfied when you decide to store with us.


How to Start a Comic Book Collection

How to start a comic book collection.

Starting a comic book collection is a great investment and a fun hobby. But with thousands of characters and a culture stretching back as far as the late 1800’s, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Rest assured, comic books are fun to read, a great way to engage your imagination, and a good collection can be worth quite a bit of money over time.

So where to start? With the hundreds of comic book based movies that have been hitting movie theatres, it may be easiest to begin by picking a character that interests you. Whether you can relate to the back story or you think their super power is really cool, being interested in the character will keep you interested in the story. Most publishers have massive universes of thousands of characters – so keep your eyes open for the classics: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, etc. Maybe a team of characters is more your speed – check out: The X-Men, The Avengers, The Justice League, etc. Don’t worry too much if you’re jumping into a series on issue #80, most story arcs only last 5 or so books – so you’ll be able to catch up with the story rather quickly. For getting the most out of your favorite characters, try picking up some trade paper backs/trades (volumes of comic books in one bound book) at your local comic book store.

The next step to ensuring your continued interest in your collection is to find a local comic book store that you love. Here in Nashville Rick’s Comic City is a favorite not only for their expertise, but for how clean and organized their store is. Once you’ve been visiting a local shop, the employees may even recognize your taste in characters, writers, etc. and make recommendations for books you may want to add to your collection. Also, keep your eyes peeled for your local comic book store to run sales – it’s a great way to add a ton of books to your collection and save money in the process.

Equally important to building your collection is protecting your collection. Comic books are generally stored in acid free mylar bags (you can even get them resealable with acid free adhesive). This protects your books from fingerprinting, scuffs, and (with the addition of some acid free tissue paper) moisture. A backing board is stored inside the bag, against the back cover of the book, to add rigidity which prevents bending and curling when books are stored together. Finally, store your bagged and boarded collection upright in a short or long box (depending on how many books you have) – being sure to add foam inserts (or large trade paper backs, etc)in empty spaces to prevent your books from leaning too much in a forward or backward direction. Wear cotton or linen gloves when handling/reading your books, be sure not to curl or bend the pages, don’t open the book so far that the ink on the spine cracks and becomes white, and always store your books, bagged and boarded, when you’re not reading. Inspecting your books periodically is essential to their preservation. Treat them like you’re handling historical documents in an archive – because essentially, you are.

Above all else, remember to enjoy your new hobby. There’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes with finding a rare variant cover or a first print of your favorite issue. The more you learn about collecting and comic book culture, the more invested you will become in it.

Spring is Coming

Spring Cleaning IdeasThe weather is heating up, as we open our windows and air out our homes for the first time in months we begin to see the tale-tell signs of bunnies.  Not those adorable rabbits hopping around outside… no, we find the dust bunnies that have accumulated throughout the colder months. As you begin you take in the full extent of the surfaces in your home, which have been covered in the grey sheen, you may also stumble over the various pieces of junk that have crawled into your house sneakily disguised as useful items to be used one day. Then just as you begin to panic, wondering what you were thinking letting all these useless items pile up, you notice it, you thought it couldn’t happen to you, but the delusions of winter had deceived you! Your house is covered in drab. That’s right. It’s ok it happens to the best of us.

Those curtains, rugs, throws, bed spreads and even decorations that looked so perfect all winter long under the deceptions of poor lighting and the hallucinations brought on by the cold, suddenly catch the first rays of warm bright sunshine and now you see them for their true worth. You suddenly realize there is no way you are letting this go on a moment longer! It is time for an overhaul, a make-over, a reclaiming! It’s time to shed the delusions of winter and prepare for a bright and colorful spring!

It’s time for spring cleaning! While you’re deep cleaning every surface those winter dust bunnies dared to visit, why not pull out some boxes. Pack up that useless junk, the present your neighbor totally re-gifted to you, that work-out bench you swore to your family was a good idea, and that table that sits in the corner and is only used for storing junk mail. Pack up those drab accessories, the bright festive holiday, but oh so warm, throw blanket. You know, the one with the random scenery on it? Those dark and thick curtains that keep all the cold out but also block all hopes of sun rays, and let us not forget that dreary painting that has been hanging in your hall for years that you are tired of looking at. While you are at it, pack up those winter clothes, it’s time to show the weather it’s not your boss anymore. It’s spring and now and it’s time for you to wear those shorts and tank tops that you love so much. As you are taping that last box and the panic begins to set in that winter will return again in 6 months or so, remind yourself its ok. You can take those boxes down to StorPlace Self Storage and let us keep them safe from the dust bunnies while you enjoy the beauty of spring and summer.