The 5 Most Common Mishaps When Storing

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There are many common misconceptions about renting and storing in a self storage unit. Below are five common myths and mishaps that occur when storing. StorPlace Self Storage is sharing this information so these these mishaps don’t happen to you!

Not insuring your property

At StorPlace Self Storage, we require you to have some type of insurance protection on your stored property whether it is your own or through our property protection.  It is important to have your property protected. You never know when Mother Nature is going to hit. You might not think your items are irreplaceable until you lose them.

Using newspaper or other items not suitable for wrapping items

Using regular newspaper to wrap items such as plates and glasses is not recommended.  Over time the ink on the newspaper will bleed into your plates and other items wrapped in it. There is a better alternative, it is the newsprint.  It is newspaper without the ink. This way no ink bleeds onto your items.

Storing food and drinks

You should absolutely not store food or drink in a self-storage unit.  It will only attract bugs and other critters.  Also, when attempting to store canned drinks, you need to be extra careful where you store them. They could get too hot and burst.

Not having proper help or rushing

When moving or packing items, try not to rush the wrapping/packing process as it could cause damage to the items that you might not notice until a later time.  Also, when you are storing the items make sure to stack them carefully to avoid damage and other issue while moving them again, like boxes falling on you.

Not labeling your items properly

When packing items in boxes, make sure you label the boxes, so you do not get confused later.  Some may even want to make an inventory list and possibly number the boxes so that you will be able to find items easier later.  For example, boxes 1-3 are filled with kitchen items and boxes 4-7 are bathroom stuff.

Fall Storage Tips From StorPlace Self Storage

StorPlace Self Storage of BellevueFall cleaning and moving your college student back on campus  is here once again. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is the perfect place to store those items, small or large, you want out-of-the-way but don’t know what to do with. StorPlace Self Storage has a lot of convenient locations in different sides of town:  such as in Bellevue, downtown Nashville, 2 locations in Murfreesboro, Murfreesboro Rd, Antioch, Bowling Green KY, Rivergate, Hickory Hollow, Hermitage, Franklin, Cool Springs, Hendersonville and a new one on Lebanon Pike. I am certain you can find a location that fits your location and storage needs.

One fall cleaning project is putting your outdoor toys away after you winterize them.   StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue offers heated and cool units as well as traditional non-heated and cooled units. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue’s smallest storage unit is 5 x 5 in both heated and cooled and non-heated and cooled. The storage unit sizes go up to a 10 x 40, which only is available in non-heated and cooled. However, there are many storage unit sizes in between which have the option for heated and cooled, depending on the size. The smaller sizes and all of the heated and cooled units are inside in a hallway. For your convenience, we do have carts in the hallways to help move stuff from your car or truck to the storage unit.  A common question we receive is “Does the heated and cooled cost much more than the non?”  It does, but to have peace of mind your belongings will be just like they were when you put them in there when you get them out, it can be a small price to pay. We do also have a one time $25.00 administration fee, which does include a lock. This way you do not have to worry about  getting your own lock and worrying if it’s the correct kind.

As far as storing those summertime toys, StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue has large non heated and cooled units as well as some indoor and outdoor parking spaces.. We have a few covered spaces if you can catch one when its vacant. We always recommend that your come look at the storage units and the parking spaces before you rent.

In order to rent a storage unit at  any StorPlace Self Storage location, we do require a valid driver’s license. To rent a parking space, we require you to have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and some proof of ownership, bill of sale or registration. Just give any location a call and we will be glad to assist you!

‘Stuff’ at StorPlace of Greenwood

Stuff the Bus


At one time or another, most folks who place belongings in storage refer to their things as ‘stuff.’ This doesn’t mean the items don’t have personal value. It is just that the need to store is usually a bit overwhelming and most people see their things more as ‘stuff’.Even fine pieces of furniture can be downgraded to ‘stuff’ at stressful times that includes moving and storage.  Once back at home, items presumably return to their given names: the comfy couch, grandma’s end table, and the like. But on occasion, ‘stuff’ adequately describes everything in storage from beginning to end.

Every summer in Bowling Green, (Kentucky!) there is an event called “Stuff the Bus”. Sponsored by SAM 100.7 radio, locals are encouraged to donate supplies for children in need for the coming school year. For one weekend, Tony Rose, a popular on-air personality, lives on the bus and does live remotes for the station. Along with area school mascots, cheerleaders, local politicians and others, listeners are reminded to donate. This year for the first time, StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood was asked to participate.

In late spring, StorPlace Self Storage was approached by folks from the Kentucky Savings Group, one of the organizations putting together ‘Stuff the Bus.’ It seems that donations of school supplies had already come in and were piling up in garages across town. They thought it would be great if they could consolidate the donations under one roof. Because StorPlace Self Storage is involved with the community, a 10×10 storage unit was provided to the Kentucky Savings Group at no charge. Immediately, carloads of pencils, notebooks, backpacks and other supplies were ferried in to be stored. From May to July additional donations were brought over, many in the back of a brightly detailed SAM 100.7 pickup truck.

On the weekend of July 25, the actual school bus was parked across the street, just down the road from StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood. Tony Rose was in place, personalities waved at passing cars, and the spot was jumping. Items that were in the storage unit were brought over to help fill the bus. We have been told that the target goal for donations has been met. Just in time for the brand new school year that begins this week!

When we look up an account on the StorPlace Self Storage computers, we can type in a name, the unit number, or other information. This summer, when we typed in ‘stuff’, up came the ‘Stuff the Bus’ unit. ‘Stuff’ really did describe the unit contents this time out, and we are pleased to have been a part of a great cause.

Protecting your Belongings in the Heat

Protecting belongings in storage in the summer heatSometimes, we need to take extra care when we store our belonging in the heat of the summer. The best way to protect your belongings during the summer months is to place them in a temperature controlled space. However, that might not always be an option. As many storage facilities have noticed over the past couple of years, the housing market is in an upswing and is causing a higher than normal occupancy rate among some storage facilities and therefore, unit vacancies are few. Most people would like to have a temperature controlled space but sometimes it is just not available. So what can you do to protect your belonging in a non-temperature controlled storage unit? First, stay away from plastic coverings. A lot of popular moving companies take pride in a job well done.  A good moving company’s number one priority is the protection of the customers belongings during the move and most of them use shrink-wrap to protect the furniture during the move. I agree that this is a great idea, however, you have to remember to remove the plastic and shrink-wrap before the furniture goes into the storage unit. Shrink wrap and plastic furniture covers are a great idea to protect your furniture during a move, but it can trap moisture inside the wrap and damage furniture when it is in storage. The furniture must be able to “breathe”. With that said, the best protection from dust and pollen settling on your stuff while in storage is just a simple cotton sheet. It will allow the furniture to breathe and will not trap moisture but at the same time keep the dust off your nice stuff. Next, furniture placement in the storage unit is important. Do not place any porous materials against a concrete wall. For example, don’t place any wooden items, boxes or mattresses against the wall. Concrete sweats during periods of extreme humidity and can cause major problems in a storage unit when the items are placed up against it. Also, most storage facilities have concrete floors. It is very rare, but in some temperature extremes, the concrete floor can sweat also. This is a time when all of those extra boxes you bought can come in handy. Just flatten those boxes and lay the on the floor before you put your items in the unit. We all know that temperature controlled is best for any time of year; sometimes it is just not available at the time. If you follow the instructions listed above it will save you a lot of headache in the long run. Also, remember not to place electronics, photos or paperwork in a non-temperature controlled space. Stop by any of the 16 StorPlace Self Storage locations in Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky to find out more about temperature controlled vs. non-temperature controlled storage units.

Cleanliness, Maintenance, and Curb Appeal

Cleanliness is most important for self storage security


Cleanliness, maintenance, and curb appeal are some of the most important factors in any business. This really applies to a self storage facility. When prospective customers are searching for a place to store their belongings, most of the time they are looking for a facility that appears to be safe and secure. At this point you may be thinking what does security have to do with cleanliness, maintenance and curb appeal? Well it does! While keeping a property clean may not stop a criminal from doing what they do best, it does deter this behavior. A criminal is looking for the exact opposite of the smart shopper. They are looking for unlit and unkempt property so they are less likely to be caught in the act. Clean and maintained facilities are equated with security and a functioning camera system. Even a fresh coat of paint can go a really long way!

Taking pride in your property can go a very long way with customers. You need to keep the grass, trees and shrubs all trimmed and neat. Also, keep a close eye on the shrubbery around the property. If the shrubbery gets so out of control that it provides cover for criminal behavior,  then it is time to cut the shrubbery down or at the very least trim it. You never want to block the line-of-sight of customers or the employees with shrubs. It is pertinent for customers or tenants to feel safe on your property at all times. That means get out there and make sure that all of your inside and outside lighting is working properly. It is also a very good idea to come out to the property at night to make sure there are not any dark areas on the property. If there is, then you need to install more lighting. Cameras are also very important as they do deter bad behavior from criminals and yes even your tenants.

I know we would all like to think that we have the best tenants of any facility out there and I can honestly say mine are pretty good. However, tenants can be pretty messy, if you let them. One of the best ways to stop that messy tenant before he or she even thinks about leaving you a mess, is to keep the property clean to begin with. Let’s be honest here and think about ourselves. If you pull up to a business and the outside of that business is a trash heap are you really going to be that concerned about the cigarette you just threw down or the candy wrapper and water bottle that just fell out of your car? Now think about pulling up to a beautiful, clean business with nicely trimmed plants and shrubbery out front. Are you going to let that trash fall out of your car now? It all boils down to one fact, if you take pride in your property then others will too.

StorPlace Self Storage prides itself of the cleanliness, curb appeal and over-all look and feel or our facilities. We want our customers and employees to feel safe, well-tended and secure when they visit our locations.

Thinking Ahead

searching for the right self storage facility


One thing most people don’t ever consider when storing their stuff is the importance of thinking ahead. It is always good to plan and prepare when you are storing in a self storage unit. Many times, the need of a self-storage unit is last-minute and stressful. If the need is not last-minute, then it is important to take some time and prepare. A careful thought-out plan for your storing needs will be less stressful and more beneficial to you. Planning starts with what, when, and where you are storing. After figuring out what things you need to store then doing a little research can save you time and effort.

Moving is one the main reasons people need self-storage. Storing starts with choosing the right storage location, which is conveniently located near you. Other things to think about then looking at storage facilities are: Does this storage facility offer what you may need in regards to a storage unit size or is the facility temperature controlled? Call in advance to  get information from any of the 16 local StorPlace Self Storage stores.  The staff can help you with all your storage needs. The StorPlace Self Storage managers are happy to answer questions and are very knowledgeable when dealing with storage. Inform the managers what and when you need to store and they can help provide guidance to make the rental process a little easier. With a simple phone call and a few minutes of time one can ascertain what they may need for their storage needs. Research is key to learning and making life easier; that goes for everything including storage.

The very first thing to do when you decide to store is analyze the things you plan on storing; what you have and what needs to be stored. Planning is essential to storing! An example of good planning is packing your items in boxes or totes in advance of your move date. Have your things ready to go, label boxes according to which room they belong in: kitchen, bathroom, or garage for example. Place priority items where they are easy to access in the front of your storage unit. Planning out your storage needs can save an immense amount of time and headache. When storing 30 minutes of planning can save you hours of frustration and agony. Moving or whatever causes your storage need is worth putting thought into. Plan ahead do your homework, better to go into something ready instead of not ready.

Thinking ahead on things in life can make things less bumpy, same goes for self storage. Plan in advance, do your research, if you don’t know something: ask. Storage professionals like those at StorPlace Self Storage are very insightful and always willing to help. Storage can be stressful and time-consuming, but with a little preparation the thing will go much easier.

Proper Packing

Packing Dishes for Storage

Many people do not think about the proper way to pack their belongings when they are moving. Most people are just in a hurry to get it done and don’t do much planning. Today we are going to share a few tips on moving and packing. For this blog post, we will focus on packing the kitchen.


Kitchen Packing Tips

The best items to start with in the kitchen are the glasses and plates. It is a good idea to clean your dishes before you pack them especially if you storing for more than a year. First, go to StorPlace Self Storage and pick up a kitchen box kit that includes 10 small boxes, 7 medium boxes, 25 feet of bubble wrap, and a 10 pound bundle of news print. This will get you started in the right direction. You may also want to pick up a dish packing kit and a glass packing kit. These two kits will fit into the small boxes that are included in the kitchen kit so no need to buy any extra boxes unless you want to pick up a few large boxes for large kitchen appliances. Starting with the glasses, you will notice that the glass packing kit has some small foam inserts. Put your glasses one at a time into the foam inserts and the put them neatly in the cardboard grid that comes with the glass packing kit.  Make sure to fill the box all the way to the top with the glasses and then newsprint or other filler material. If you do not fill the box completely then it can cause the box to collapse during the moving process.

Repeat these steps for the dish kit as it works the same way as the glass packing kit. If you have any of the foam inserts left after you finish the kitchen, make sure you hold onto them because they may become very useful for smaller items.

Once you have finished you glasses and dishes it is time to tackle start the pots and pans. Again, make sure that the pots and pans are extremely clean before you pack them. Start with the medium size box and put your biggest pots first and then put a layer of newsprint on top of the pot and then put the next size smaller pot inside of the bigger pot. You will have lots of extra space in this box so try putting some smaller odd-ball items that are in your kitchen in this box to fill in the empty space. After you get this box full, then fill up any small gaps with the newsprint and then tape up the box.

We hope that these extra tips help you get the most out of storage. We look forward to seeing you at one of StorPlace Self Storage’s locations.


Hydration is very important     Why is hydration so important? According to Family your body depends on water for survival. Water makes up more than half of your body weight. Your body uses water to help maintain body temperature. You are losing water every day through sweating and even breathing and you lose water faster the hotter it gets.

Conventional wisdom is you should drink 6 to 8 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Although, this thought has yet to be scientifically proven. For some people more than 8 glasses may be required and for some people less than 8 glasses is sufficient. Older adults are at a higher risk of not getting enough water, which may lead to dehydration. Some symptoms of dehydration may be little or no urine; dry mouth; sleepiness or fatigue; extreme thirst; headache; confusion; dizziness or no tears during crying.

You may need to increase the water intake if you have certain medical conditions, are pregnant, or are going to be outside in the heat for an extended period of time. Sports drinks may be helpful to replace your electrolytes, but choose them wisely. Some sports drinks can contain high levels of calories, sugar, or sodium.

Some tips for staying hydrated are keep water with you at all times. Start and end your day with a glass of water. If you are feeling hungry, drink water. Sometimes hunger can be confused for thirst. Drink water at scheduled times of the day to ensure you are getting the proper amount.

StorPlace Self Storage of Old Hickory Blvd. takes the health and safety of our customers seriously. The management team at StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. routinely go around our property offering cold bottles of water to our customers. We also monitor our property for tenants who may be on-site and are showing some signs of distress. We want our tenants experience at StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. to be a pleasurable and safe one. So, remember while out in the heat, hydration is the key to staying safe!

Celebrating the 4th of July

Celebrating the 4th of July


July 4th is always a special time in Nashville, Tennessee. Residents of Music City can momentarily forget the terrible summer heat and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon gathered around barbecues and pools followed by a trek downtown to enjoy one of the nation’s largest fireworks displays and concerts. Many patriots that prefer not to fight the traffic can still enjoy the sights and sounds from their own backyards. Featured in Yahoo! Travel and MSN Living, many fireworks enthusiasts have praised the 4th of July festivities that downtown Nashville has to offer.

“Music City July 4th: Let Freedom Sing” begins on Friday at noon at the Family Fun Zone on 5th Avenue at Broadway where everyone can enjoy fun games, inflatables, and live music. Musical performances include Jason Eskridge and The Farewell Drifters. At 1pm, a Guinness World Record will be attempted to celebrate the nation’s 30th National Ice Cream Month by scooping the most cups of Dippin’ Dots in 3 minutes. Cups of Dippin’ Dots ice cream will then be served to the crowd at no charge. Later in the evening at the main stage at 1st Avenue and Broadway, a concert will be given featuring Striking Matches, Ashley Monroe, Billy Currington, and the Nashville Symphony. Fireworks will commence at 9:45pm and are said to be the longest in Nashville’s history and the biggest in the south.

Another fireworks celebration taking place near Nashville is located at Providence Marketplace in Mt. Juliet, TN, about 15 miles east of Nashville. The Independence Day celebration at Providence is a local treat for those looking to stay away from the large crowds and traffic of downtown Nashville. The festivities at Providence begin at 4pm with free activities like inflatables, obstacle courses, a balloon artist, face painting, video games, and live music. Musicians include Jack & Diane and The Tim McDonald Band featuring Johnny Hiland. Finally, the night will wrap with the fireworks display beginning at 9pm. Retail stores will be open during this special event with great options for patrons celebrating the 4th of July.

If you are staying  in the Murfreesboro area to celebrate the 4th of July, McKnight Park will be holding the city’s “Celebration Under the Stars”. Activities begin at the outdoor pool at 10am with a pool party, games, and prizes until 4:30pm. The evening activities begin at 5pm where there will be games, activities, and inflatables. Following the presentation of the colors at 8pm by the Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Department Color Guard and singing of the national anthem by the Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra will present a night of traditional patriotic classics. Families can bring picnic baskets, lawn chairs, and blankets. Food vendors will be serving as well.

The employees of StorPlace Self-Storage live and work in the communities of Middle Tennessee and will be participating in the 4th of July activities with family and friends. To honor this special day in our nation’s history, all StorPlace Self Storage stores will be closed on Independence Day. Our stores will resume business the next day on Saturday, July 5th. Thank you for making StorPlace Self Storage your neighborhood storage center.

Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University is committed to excellence, and has been consistently listed in U.S. News & World Report’s “Guide to America’s Best Colleges” for more than a dozen years, maintaining one of the highest graduation rates among the nation’s historically black colleges and universities and the highest in the Tennessee Board of Regents  system.

Tennessee State University is a comprehensive, urban, co-educational, land-grant university offering undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. The university was founded in 1912 after its organization in 1909 as the Agricultural and Industrial State Normal School. The school  became a four-year teachers’ college in 1922 and was elevated to full land-grant university in 1958. Tennessee State University was into the absorbed University of Tennessee at Nashville in 1979.

The President of Tennessee State University is Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover. She assumed the presidency on January 2, 2013.  Dr. Glover is also a Tennessee State University graduate. Dr. Glover met First Lady Michelle Obama at a ceremony at the university.

TSU's Dr. Glover and First Lady Michelle Obama






Famous  Tennessee State University Graduates:

  • Wilma Rudolph won three gold medals in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, becoming the first American woman to win three gold medals in one Olympics
  • Ralph Boston  won the long jump Olympic Gold Medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome
  • Senator Thelma Harper has served as a Senator for the 19th District in the Tennessee General Assembly since 1991
  • Moses Gunn, a renowned actor, who in 1977 received an Emmy nomination for his appearance as tribal chieftain, Kintango, in the miniseries Roots
  •  Oprah Winfrey is the first black woman billionaire in world history

Tennessee State University also has a great tradition for it’s sports teams. There is an extensive Athletic Department including Men’s basketball, football, cross-country, golf, tennis, and track and field. The football and basketball teams always rank in the top teams in the nation. The Women’s Athletic Department also plays a major role on the national circuit. The Women’s Basketball team is constantly playing in the NCAA tournament and they have won many championships. There is also a strong women’s cross-country, softball, tennis, track and field, and volleyball team.

StorPlace Self Storage of Murfreesboro Rd. is proud to offer its services to             students and faculty alike and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the 2013/2014  school year Tennessee State University graduates!