Saint Valentine’s Day is Upon Us

Happy Valentine's Day from StorPlace Self StorageWhile storage may not be the first thing you think of for St. Valentine’s Day it can be a time when people start thinking about changes in their lives. Number one change is the combining of two hearts and households. Valentine’s Day is when people start thinking about spending the rest of their lives with another individual.  When you start to clean out the childhood mementos and start thinking about making new memories as a couple. That is where StorPlace Self-Storage comes in handy. Even though our lives change it is still nice to hold on to some of those past memories. Especially the ones that bring a smile on your face when you look at them.

Knowing that these memories are in a safe and secure place will give you some joy and peace of mind. StorPlace Self-Storage is that place. We have plenty of heated and cooled storage units to accommodate any storage and financial needs that you may have. With seventeen locations in the middle Tennessee/Kentucky area there is always one near to you.

Our storage managers and assistant managers can assist you with all your storage questions and concerns at any of the StorPlace Self Storage properties. If the property where you are does not have the storage unit size you need they will assist you in contacting one of the other StorPlace Self-Storage properties to see if they can find the perfect unit for your storage needs.

While we don’t recommend that you stack your boxes and totes to the ceilings, we do not want anybody getting injured trying to stack boxes, we do have 8 to 12 foot ceiling space at all our StorPlace Self-Storage locations. So there is plenty of room to stack, arrange and organize.

We can also help you with all your packing supplies that you may need to store your treasures. We have plenty of good sturdy boxes, newsprint for wrapping, tape, bubble wrap, foam peanuts and foam sheets for protection. We also have labels to put on your boxes and totes to keep your storage unit organized. If you want to pass some of your stored items on to your children or grandchildren, you can be sure that they will still be in good condition after being stored in a storage unit at StorPlace Self Storage.

So remember new lovers young and old,  the storage professionals at StorPlace Self Storage are here to help you to collate your lives together into one happy home.

Summer Is On Its Way

StorPlace of Lebanon PikeWith January coming to an end, that means we are one month closer to the nice summer weather. Summer seems to be the season where everyone likes to get organized, and StorPlace Self Storage would like to help with that. We have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff that will help you figure out what size and what kind of storage unit you will need to get organized.

Items that can be stored at StorPlace Self Storage to create extra space at your home include: Christmas tree and decorations, boxes that are taking up a lot of space in your home, lawn mowers, extra furniture that you do not want to get rid of or  that might be in your way, children’s items that you are not ready to get rid of yet or just anything you need to get out of your house so you can have that extra walking space that you need.

Although moving anything can be stressful, we are aware of that and try our best to make everything else go as smoothly as possible. The storage professionals at StorPlace Self Storage are here to help, we want to see you and your family live happily without having to worry about what you have in storage, because anything worth storing, is worth protecting. That’s why we keep all of our facilities in tip-top shape and we strive for cleanliness.

With 16 convenient locations in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, we like to call ourselves your neighborhood storage facility. Stop by one of our storage facilities, we would love to show you a few storage units to get an idea of what size you may need to get a head start on that summer-time organization.

Welcome to StorPlace Self Storage of Stones River

StorPlace of Stones River in MurfreesboroStorPlace Self Storage of Stones River in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, kindly referred to as: Your Neighborhood storage facility. Welcome to our neighborhood and Happy New Year everyone!

This year as the holidays rushed in and out and even now as we take down and box or re-box our decorations to store our precious ornaments and keepsakes for another year; we begin to greet the New Year with the eagerness of a child on Christmas morning.

Bringing in a New Year always gives great opportunity to reflect the simple lessons learned from years gone by. We say good-bye to the year passing and the many events that has brought us up to now, and today…

Kelly, the store manager of StorPlace Self Storage at Stones River, said New Years has always been her favorite holiday. “It is a rebirth and a fresh start,” she said. “The excitement of the unknown in what this new year will bring, what new road will life place us on, what challenge, what accomplishment, what heart ache or joy will life’s undetermined mystery bring to the road of life.”

It seems the one thing we can always count on in life, is that from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and from year to New Year, our life is always about to change.

No matter who we are or what our individual circumstance and walk of life might be, we know something in our life is about to take a turn and change. Sometimes the change is great and good and exciting, and sometimes; well, the change might be a growing experience and one we’d actually rather not have to stretch our muscles and go through. But go through we will, and hopefully as we do, there will always be people on our life’s road to share with us the joys, tears, sorrows and smiles, lending a shoulder if need be while we stretch and grow and change.

“I love my job!” Kelly said.  It is in this self-storage management position that she can meet you, the public. People who every day, come in and share your story, of what your life’s road has changed for you. It may be as simple as needing to buy a box or two, it might be that job promotion you’d been waiting on and now you are making room for a home office and storing all the clutter from the junk room. She loves hearing your stories!

Kelly has heard many life changing stories during her time at StorPlace Self Storage. When times are tough and money is tight, several people have told her they are downsizing and storing their home furnishings while they sell their large home and move to a smaller one.Sometimes a storage need may be due to the delight of a new child on the way and a bedroom gets to change from guest room to nursery.  Other times, it is in the sadness of a loved one lost and their belongings need to be stored until they can be faced and gone through. A new job, a new home, or combining households with new love in the air. So many stories and people and circumstances. Yes, we can count on change being inevitable in our ever rotating lives!

Sometimes the world can be a cold place when transition hits, so whatever your story… and no matter the road life has put you on. Come in and see us at StorPlace of Stones River. Kelly has a shoulder to lend, an ear to listen, an idea to share and a smile to give. You’re welcome in the StorPlace Self Storage neighborhood anytime!

Organizing Tips to Start off the New Year

Starting January with Organization ProjectsHappy New Year everyone! We hope you had a warm and safe holiday season! Now that it’s January, it’s a great time to start looking at some organizational ideas. We might have some holiday décor or things we do not have any room for, but just can’t let go of. Here at StorPlace Self Storage, we enjoy being organized. Let’s take a look at an effective way to get organized this first quarter. We’ll also look at some events that are going to be taking place in January.

Organization Tips

Get Organized with Storage Bins

I love decorating for the holidays; I usually shop the “after holiday sales” and accrue more décor and such from time-to-time. Want to know a fantastic way to organize your seasonal décor? First, I would suggest purchasing quite a few sturdy totes. Then I would grab a sharpie and all the decorations that need to be stored. Next, I would suggest packing all of your totes by holiday or however you would like. Go ahead and write on the outside of the tote facing you, which holiday is being stored within. Lastly, organize all of your totes in order as the holidays occur. You could also do this with other belongings. There could be a small section dedicated to photographs, crafts or even scrapbooking supplies. This would be a great idea to have access to and not have to dig through the totes or containers. If storing totes and other kinds of bins, purchasing a storage shelf organizer would be a great idea. A shelf organizer would reduce any back pains from having to move things to get to that one tote or bin you need.

Things to Do

With the holidays over, there’s still some fun to get into this month! Here’s some fun things that will be happening nearby…

Southern Invitational Indoor Tractor and Truck Pull


For those interested in motorsports, the Southern Invitational Indoor Truck and Tractor Pull will take place at the Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, on Friday January 29th and Saturday January 30th.  This would be a great event to take the whole family to for an action packed time!


At StorPlace Self Storage of Barfield, we hope you have a bright and beautiful year ahead!

Winter Vehicle Preparedness

Tips for Preparing a Car for the WinterWinter has finally arrived and it is very important to be prepared for the cold weather. We prepare our homes by changing air filters and checking our heating and cooling systems. We prepare ourselves by getting flu shots or buying the necessary winter clothing. We make plans for power outages and winter storms. We store food that can be prepared in ways other than on the stove or in the microwave. We have bottled water on hand. If you have a fireplace, you make sure there is enough wood for heat. The one thing we do neglect to prepare is our vehicles.

Preparing a Car for the Winter

We need to start vehicle car preparation just as you do all other things.If you are not sure what to look for take your vehicle to a certified mechanic to have a complete check completed. Below are a few thing to check on your vehicle:

  • First, complete a check of your vehicles safety items.
  • Make sure your headlights and tail lights are working.
  • Check your emergency flashers.
  • Check your tires air pressure and tread wear, including your spare tire.
  • Visually check your windshield wipers.
  • Check your belts and hoses.
  • Check your fluid levels.

Vehicle Emergency Kit

Here are some items to place into an emergency kit to keep in your vehicle in case of a break down:

  • Place a warm blanket in your car to augment your car heater.
  • Have a set of emergency roadside flares. They are useful to warn oncoming traffic and also can assist in emergency crews locating you in case of a dire emergency.
  • Keep a one gallon jug of water. This could aid in keeping you hydrated.
  • Put a good flashlight where you can reach it.
  • If possible, place a shovel in your vehicle, just in case you need to dig yourself out.
  • Try to keep your vehicle half full of gas in case you get stranded and your engine still runs, you can use your car heater help keep you warm until help arrives.
  • Place your emergency roadside assistance number in your contacts list of your cell phone, so you won’t have to search for it when you need it the most.

The most important part of winter driving is YOU. There is nothing more important than YOU being aware of your situation. Practice or talk about what should be done in case of a roadside emergency. Most of all, if you are in an emergency roadside situation stay calm.

Learning and Sharing Life Lessons as a Self-Storage Property Manager

StorPlace Self Storage of GreenwoodHard work pays off in more ways than we realize. In just a short period of time, StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood has gone through a change. We have had challenges to say the least. Over the last year, we have had changes in management. A few people have come and gone and now we are working with a two person crew. The good news about all the change, it has brought new ideas to the table, and a new way to look at things.  A new and different approach to the same task that has been in place can be a challenge to say the least. The good news about all the change, with the strong force of people who are in place, the sky is the limit.

As a new self-storage property manager, I have found that any and everything requires hard work. I take great pride in being a hard worker, but what does that mean? For me as a person, it is the push it takes to do what needs to be done! It can be something as simple as talking to each customer that comes in to make a payment, to ensuring the UPS driver makes his deliveries to the right storage units. Staying on top of things is an understatement when it comes to self-storage.  Being new to this type of business, I did not know to what extent that I would be involved in this career. My only regret, I wish I had gone into this business years ago. I have found myself relying on my past experiences on a daily basis. Not only do you have to be able to be the “fix-it” guy, but you also have to maintain that level of professionalism that our customers have come to expect. We also have to continue with our own professional growth. I have been working with the local Chamber of Commerce, which thus far, has given me even more tools and resources to branch out in the business field. Our StorPlace Self Storage location has worked with local non-profit charities to assist with the challenges they face. This is a reward within itself.

A good friend of mine tells me all the time, “at the end of the day, you have one goal”. It is true that we are not reinventing the wheel, but we have to stay diverse and open to new ideas and concepts that may take us places we didn’t previously think about. When I look back at the past year, I recall all the people who have thanked me for working with them. This is what we all have in our core, the true desire to help, and be helped by our fellow man. Life has its ups and downs. There is no question about that, but if I can do something that is going to make life, or a part of life, a little easier for someone, then I want to be that person.

I have told my assistant many times, “put yourself in their shoes”. If we approach our customers by understanding what it is like to go through a move, pack up everything we own, and move to a new town or place, we can keep the storage stress level low.  It may seem like a little thing, but the reward from it is more than I can put into words.

Outside of my work life, I can see the results of my efforts. When I was willing to help someone out when they were down and out, it comes back to us in ten-fold. The friendships I have grown through the business side of self-storage, is reflected in how I am treated and perceived in the outside world.

Its More than just Renting Storage Units

StorPlace Self Storage in Bowling Green KentuckyWhat makes working at StorPlace Self Storage meaningful? Well that is a great question! I’d have to answer: if someone would have told me 5 years ago, that I am going to be leaving Denver Colorado , retiring early from the state government,  move back home to Bowling Green, Kentucky and work at a storage facility,  I would have answered.. Dude?! Are you crazy?!

But here I am and there you have it! I love it. Working with StorPlace Self Storage has provided me insight on how efficient businesses are operated.  Running a storage facility is unique, as it has different stories and  dramas almost daily. The day-to-day operation is perfected to make all interactions streamlined.

Folks come into our store in Bowling Green as if we have a sign that says “no matter the question we have an answer”.  Mind blowing sometimes! I must admit before working at Store Place Self Storage, I never gave storage facilities a second thought. If they looked nice and were cheap enough I used them. I never realized the wealth of knowledge you could find at a self storage facility!

I had a lady come in a few days before Halloween, she started pulling bubble wrap off the shelf. I approached her and asked what was she wrapping? She said I’m not wrapping anything, but here is my dilemma. She showed me a picture on her phone of a centerpiece on a table, which was a “stuffed looking man” on the table, with his “guts” exposed. The guts were aluminum pans filled with sausage dogs and beans (looked like his intestines,) and beets in a pan, to look like his heart. It was very creative!  This lady however was trying to figure out how to stuff the arms of the shirt.  We decided on how to best approach this was bubble wrap and rolls of paper towel & toilet paper. She was so happy with the idea, that she gave me a hug before she left!

Yesterday, we had another lady come in and said, “I need to make 8 pairs of angel wings, how do I draw them and how many boxes do I need?” We didn’t bat an eye; we drew her out an angel wing pattern and told her how to cut them out! Sold her several small mirror boxes and suggested aluminum foil for flare!  She is sending us pictures once she has them all done!

It’s the little things that make this job fun, its making someone’s day with a simple suggestion! It’s caring enough to listen, and then doing your best to make life easier for them.

There is so much more to StorPlace Self Storage then renting out units! And that’s why I love what I do! Plus! It’s fun.



Winter Storage

Heated and Cooled Storage Units at StorPlace Self StorageThere are many different reasons for needing storage during the winter months. It may be nothing out of the ordinary like storing items because of a move or needing to clean up the clutter. Maybe it’s not just the normal. Maybe you have to clean up that extra bedroom because you have company coming in town for the holidays. You may need to store that nice car  or motorcycle that you only drive during the summer.Also, you might need to store all of the extra decorations that you bought this year without one thought of where you are going to put them after the holidays are over. Whatever your reason for needing storage, there are several things you need to keep in mind when you are storing.

I constantly have people come in and say that they don’t need a heated and cooled unit because it is winter. Well think again! Just because it is winter does not mean you don’t have a need for heated and cooled storage. Yes it is true that moisture and humidity is down in the winter but we have to remember that we are in Tennessee and the humidity is never completely down. Also, sometime the extreme cold can do the same damage to wood furniture as heat can. If you don’t want the mattress you are storing to turn into a giant sponge by soaking up all the moisture in the air, then place it in a heated and cooled storing unit. Another issue could be water left in appliances. Residual water in a washing machine or refrigerator could freeze and then expand causing possible damage to those items. If you are not absolutely positive that you have removed all of the water from these machines, then it is a good idea to store them in a heated and cooled storage unit.

Next, make sure that any type of motor vehicle is winterized before storing. If you have a boat or RV that you need to store, the owner’s manual should walk you through the process of winterization. If you are storing a car for the winter, always check your antifreeze levels. If you have to add some antifreeze to the radiator don’t just consider the job done. After the antifreeze is added, start the vehicle and let it run long enough to get the radiator up to operating temperature. This will allow the thermostat to open letting the new antifreeze you added get into the engine block so that the engine itself will not freeze. There is also a product called “HEET” that you can add to your gas tank that will dry up any water that is in your gas so that it does not freeze during extremely low temps. No matter what kind of vehicle you are storing, always make sure the tires are full of air. Tires do tend to go flat during colder times during the year so unless you want a not-so-pleasant surprise of flat tires when you return in the summer make sure to check those tires often during the winter.

StorPlace Self Storage has 16 locations that can help with your winter storage needs. Stop in and ask our storage managers how we can assist with any of your storage questions.

enjoy the holidays!


Welcome to Nashville

Welcome to NashvilleIn 2014, CNN named Nashville as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with over 80 people moving here per day. The city offers a “small-town feel” while offering some of the country’s best restaurants, like Rolf & Daughter and Husk, live entertainment at famous venues like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Theatre, and sporting events like the Nashville Predators and the Tennessee Titans.

With so many new residents in the city, many new condos and houses are being built. However, someone who is new to Nashville may not want to purchase a home or condo right away. Part of moving to a new city is discovering which parts of town you like best, and renting a condo or house for a short time is the best way to explore and familiarize yourself with your new city.

Those who choose to rent before making the plunge and purchasing property may find that they need a place to temporarily store their extra belongings. If the place they rent is smaller, or if they only plan to spend a short period of time in the rental, they can use a storage unit to keep seasonal items, or items not as frequently used, in a safe, secure place.

Moving to a new city is filled with lots of decisions, but don’t let the decision of where to keep your valuables safe be a tough one. StorPlace Self Storage offers heated & cooled units, as well as regular drive-up units, that are monitored 24/7 and only accessible by a personal gate code. No matter where you find yourself living in Nashville, StorPlace Self Storage offers great facilities and benefits in various parts of the city.