If You Look Ahead, Your Days Will Be Better Planned

StorPlace Self Storage of Bowling Green Kentucky



Students in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area store at StorPlace Self Storage, and with midterms weighing heavy during the first week of April, it’s hard to imagine finals are just around the corner.  One month and a few days from now, to be precise, Western Kentucky will be closing its doors (and dorms) leaving hundreds of home-sick students with a choice: either find an acceptable accommodation for their items at our Bowling Green StorPlace Self Storage location, or grudgingly pack up the Camry to the brim and surprise mom and dad with a new garage-full of stuff.  Moving out can be a drag, but don’t let it concern you!

Students: keep your thoughts on your studies, and reserve a unit online ahead of time.  Hurry to www.storplaceselfstorage.com  where you can register online for a storage unit today, have it set aside and waiting for you come dorm move-out time, and save yourself the headache of last-minute space-hunting!

So maybe you keep it simple in your dorm room, neat and orderly, not a lot of excess THINGS, but don’t really want to take it home this summer, an easy solution is to “bunk up” with your friends.  Not only is it space-efficient, but splitting up the rent amongst a few friends sharing a storage unit saves money.   Did I mention reserving the unit online gives a rental break on your overall rate? We know all about the “hard times” of college finances, our goal here at StorPlace Self Storage isn’t to twist your arm for every penny, but provide customer service and a satisfactory/safe stay that is WORTH every penny.

One last thought… Be you Hilltopper or Bowling Green native, GO CATS!               PURSUIT OF NUMERO 9!!!

Proper Maintenance of a Storage Facility

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike



Most storage facilities are designed and built the same way. This blog post will offer some helpful tips for any new or upcoming storage facility managers. Most facilities are made out of brick walls and metal roofs with metal divider walls between the storage units. There are standard outside storage units with drive-up accessible doors as well as  temperature or climate controlled spaces which are mostly located within a building.

StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on having the best facilities. In order to have that, we need to look at all of the aspects for the facility from the ground up. Let’s start with how to keep the water out of the storage units, since we know that concrete bricks have the ability to allow water to soak through. To start, paint the facility with a high quality paint that is designed to coat the brick with a protective and water-proof coating. This is not a “do it once and you’re done” process. It is up to the property manager to consistently walk the property looking for places where the paint could be breaking down and failing to keep the water out. Concrete bricks also do not bend or flex so if you have some settling of the property you may find some mortar or even possible the bricks themselves starting to form cracks. This can happen even in the newest of properties. If the cracks are small you can fill the cracks with a high quality caulk which will stay flexible and allow movement in the brick so that you don’t have any further cracking. Make sure that after the caulk is fully cured you apply another coat of paint over the caulk.

The next item on the list is the metal roofs which can be a pain in the neck if you don’t keep an eye on those gutters. As you are walking the property make sure to look up at the gutters because you never know what kind of damage or problems you may find. First, look for any bent or dented places; this can be cause by a storm or by a moving truck that may have bumped into the gutter. This can not only be cosmetic but it also could cause some separation between the roof and the gutter allowing water to flow back into the structure.  Once every month or two you need to have someone go up on the roof and inspect the roof and gutters. If the gutters are clogged with debris, this can also cause water to flow back into the building.

Lastly, one of the most important functions of a properly maintained storage facility is the gate at the entrance to the property. Make sure that if you have a chain driven gate it stays well lubed. This means that once a week go out and spray down the gate chain with an aerosol chain lubricant. Also, keep an eye on the rollers wheels that the gate rolls on and make sure they are tight and are not wobbling as the gate is moving.  Once every couple of months take the cover off of the gate motor housing and blow out all the dust and debris.

If you follow these simple tips you are on your way to a well-run storage facility. Stop by any of the 16 StorPlace Self Storage locations to see why we take self storage very seriously!

The Transition of Life

Spring Transitions



Winter weather has almost come to an end for Middle Tennessee, now we can start to think of spring. Those wonderful, warm days, when it seems as though everything is coming back to life. It is also the time to start planning on what to do with all of those items we found, did not realize we still had and those things, we are just not ready to part with.

Spring is a big transitional time for students who are graduating from college and high school. For those parents with children who are graduating (whew, you made it!), and are starting a life on their own, what do you do with the things they leave behind. As the parents of these children, we know not to get rid of that bedroom set just in case; but you may want to turn that room into an office; crafts room or den. Maybe you are the parents of children who have not yet graduated (hang in there), but are still in the dorm and you need somewhere to store their belongings until school starts again.

Don’t worry, StorPlace Self Storage of Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, has the solution. StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. has a large selection of heated and cooled storage spaces available. StorPlace Self Storage, with 16 locations in Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green Kentucky, has a wide range of non heated and cooled storage spaces which will fit any of your storage needs. Did you know that the heated and cooled storage spaces get no warmer than eighty degrees during those dog days of summer and no colder than sixty degrees in those cold days of winter. StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. has numerous sizes of storage spaces available which are perfect to hold those items from the dorm for the single student or that room of furniture which you want to hold onto. There are also larger storage units available in various sizes to suit your every need.

StorPlace Self Storage has the storage spaces you need in just the right locations. When the time is right, give the people at StorPlace Self Storage a call and speak with one of their knowledgeable and friendly management team.

Spring Renovating

Spring Blossoms


Spring is in the air! Not only is it the perfect time to get out and stretch your legs from this cold, dreary winter, it is the perfect time to start thinking about beginning some of those home improvements that you have been compiling. Whether it is time for minor tasks such as re-flooring your home or a larger task like finally renovating the kitchen or master bedroom, we at StorPlace Self Storage are here to help you!

Your first step is to choose a task and budget for it. Setting a budget will help you save time and money in the long run rather than just “winging it” and spending as you go. Keep in mind with expenses, you get what you pay for. Cheaper material will not last as long as higher quality items. Be sure to select a theme that you are ONE HUNDRED percent certain about beforehand. You would not want to stop midway through a project and decide that you want to go in a whole new direction. You may want to save some money by doing some things yourself; while, hiring out for more complicated tasks such as rewiring and plumbing.

Your next step is to decide on the items in the rooms that you want to renovate if you want to keep, donate, throw out, or recycle. If you don’t use it often or if it is broken, then you don’t need to hang on to them. Sometimes letting go of things is the healthiest option to arrive at in many aspects of life. Have a yard sell first to make what profit you can on your belongings or some retailers are starting to buy items in good condition to resell in their second-hand outlets. Many second-hand shops will accept donations of clothes and furniture. As for broken items, sometimes they are in a good enough condition where they can be recycled or made into something else. When you start your “construction” watch for items that can be re-used or recycled such as wiring, glass, and metals.

For those that don’t have room for excess pieces of furniture, totes, boxes, etcetera, while working on the project renting a self storage unit is a great option.  At StorPlace of Lebanon Pike, we have a wide variety of storage units available that can work for you. Our leases are on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t be locked into a long-term contract. Once you have room to work, you will soon start to see your vision come to life and have the perfect kitchen or bedroom of your dreams!



St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day



The month of March brings not only warmer temperatures and the blossoming of Easter flowers, but also that green holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. On March 17, the Irish and Irish-at-heart come together to honor the patron saint of Ireland by celebrating Irish culture through parades, unique food and drink, shamrock decorations, and a lot of green.

Many of us, however, don’t know a whole lot about St. Patrick or why we celebrate him every year. For instance, did you know that St. Patrick was not even Irish? St. Patrick was born in 386 A.D.  in a town called Bannavem Taberniae, which is not on any map of the British Isles. Historians guess that he was born in either Wales, Scotland, or England. Patrick was born to an aristocratic Christian family and showed very little interest in the faith of his parents. When he was sixteen, he was kidnapped by a group of Irish raiders, and spent six years in captivity in Ireland as a shepherd. Alone and afraid, Patrick looked to his family’s religion to cope. One day, he felt God calling him to leave Ireland, so he walked 200 miles to the coast to find a ship that would take him to Britain. After years of study, Patrick was ordained as a priest. He could not forget Ireland and felt God calling him to go back and convert the same Celtic pagans who had kidnapped him as a boy. He spent forty years traveling across Ireland preaching the Christian faith. After his death, St. Patrick became a national hero of Ireland and a symbol of Irish pride.

Many myths surround St. Patrick and his popularity grew in a large part due to these myths. For example, one story goes that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. The symbol of this story was that Patrick had converted many pagan people and had cleansed the nation from these other religions. The truth is that Ireland never had any snakes to begin with. The waters around Ireland are too cold for snakes to survive and, therefore, snakes never migrated to Ireland. Another famous myth is that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to his converts. In the 18th century, people started wearing shamrocks on their clothing to symbolize their Christian religion and this custom transformed to the practice of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. In truth, the shamrock does not actually exist, but we know them as any number of  3-leaf plants such as wood sorrel or clover.

Now that you know a little more about the history of St. Patrick and the myths surrounding him, we hope you will enjoy St. Patrick’s Day even more and impress some of your friends with your new knowledge surrounding the holiday.

Be sure to stop in at StorPlace Self Storage for all your storage needs this Spring. Don’t forget our extensive inventory of packing supplies and boxes to help with your next move.

Great Food & Fun in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro Restaurants

Downtown Murfreesboro

We at StorPlace Self Storage believe in working hard, but also enjoying life!  Are you looking for something fun to do to get your mind off of these freezing winter temperatures? Why not make tonight a date night and try out one of the many different restaurants right here in Murfreesboro! There are many different types of restaurants to choose from for whatever your preference may be.

If you prefer Italian cuisine there are restaurants such as Olive Garden, Carrabbas, and Demos’ which all serve authentic Italian food at affordable prices. In fact, the majority of the meals at Demo’s are priced under ten dollars!   Another great option for Italian food is Marina’s On the Square which is a family owned and operated and Gondolier which offers both Italian and Greek foods.

There are also many different options for restaurants that serve Mexican cuisine in Murfreesboro. Some of the restaurants are: Camino Real Authentic Mexican Restaurant, Chilango’s Mexican Restaurant, and Chuy’s. A few more great options are Garcias and Mi Patria.

If you prefer southern BBQ, you’re in the right place because there are many great BBQ restaurants in Murfreesboro. My all-time favorite is Jim ‘N Nicks on North Thompson Lane. Make sure to try out their BBQ Nachos, they are to die for! There are also other great BBQ restaurants like Rick’s BBQ, Whitt’s Barbeque, and Slick Pig BBQ.

If you want something less formal, visit the many pub style restaurants in Murfreesboro. Three Brothers Craft Brewhouse and Brew U are two definitely worth checking out! Three Brothers Craft Brewhouse was actually featured on Discovery Channel’s “Late Night Food Brawl” TV show. A great feature is that they also offer live entertainment that showcases the local writers and bands in the area. Brew U is a great place to watch “the game” too!

While you’re out why not also catch a movie. The Carmike Wynnsong 16 on Cason Square Boulevard always has the latest line up of movies of over twenty different films.  Seeing a movie there is also very affordable. The matinée pricing of only five dollars is good every day for movies shown between 4-5:30pm.  They also offer many different promotions that make their concessions affordable as well. Tuesdays are “Stimulus Tuesdays” where all small drinks and popcorn are only two dollars! However, if you go to the theaters often a better option may be the annual popcorn bucket. The initial price is $19.50; however, every refill thereafter for the entire year is only $3.75!

If you are like me and sometimes prefer to stay in the warmth and comfort of your own home, why not make it a movie night right at home. There are many options for renting movies such as Redbox Instant, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu or Amazon Prime. Also, another great thing about the restaurants here in Murfreesboro is that the majority of them have take-out menus so you can order and just grab dinner on your way home from work! This will allow you to enjoy great entertainment and food right at home!

The team at StorPlace Self Storage believes in working hard but also enjoying life! One of the most important things in life is spending quality time with family and friends! So go out there and make great memories!

Storage, but Why?

Needs for self storage varies from person to person



Why do people need storage?  This is one of the most common questions that we, in the storage industry, try to answer and better understand.  Working in this industry for almost 7 years has taught me you can never know enough about your customer base and their needs. The reasons people need storage are vast and varied, and we still have things pop up that we have never heard before.

Most people looking for storage have common reasons for needing some space. Reasons like remodeling, moving, downsizing, marriage, divorce, and business needs. We also have a high number of college students that need a place to store dorm room belongings over the summer. There are also some not-so-common reasons, like someone who wants to use their unit as an office space or use it for band practice. Unfortunately, we are not in the business of renting offices or band practice space!

The most bizarre reason for needing storage I have encountered was regarding a court case.  They needed a storage unit for an unspecified amount of time to store an inflated raft that was an integral part of the court case.  Being that it was part of the case, the raft would’ve had to stay inflated inside the unit until the courts needed it, or the trial was over.  They never ended up renting the space, but this just goes to show how random our customer needs can be! Of course, if they did rent the space, we would’ve gladly accommodated them.

Regardless of the reasons for needing it, self-storage has grown greatly in popularity in the past few years. It seems like there is a facility on every corner! Now that we’ve discussed some reasons you may need storage, here is how you can get the most for your money! StorPlace Self Storage has 16 convenient locations across Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.  Our knowledgeable storage experts can assist you in almost every aspect of your move!  Stop by any of our locations and our friendly, professional storage managers will help you determine the best size storage unit for your needs, along with showing you our full line of packing and moving supplies.  So whether you are a business owner, homeowner, renter, a student, or even if you just need some boxes, StorPlace Self Storage is happy to help with any storage need you may have!

Support Our Troops

Thank you to our military-StorPlace Self Storage


StorPlace Self Storage is big supporters of our United States Military. Many of us, including myself, have friends and family in the military. My brother is in the United States Military, as are other employee’s family member, which means that the appreciation for our service men and women is very important to us as employee’s, and is also very important to this company. We offer a 10% military discount to all active duty service members. We have many active military members, as well as veterans, storing with us and we are always happy to give them the service they need and deserve. Whether they are being deployed overseas or going off for training, we have the privilege of helping meet their storage needs until their safe return. I am always happy to meet someone who is serving or has served in the U.S. military. I like hearing about their experiences and talking to them about my family and the friends who are proudly serving our country. StorPlace Self Storage does its part in offering its services and support to our military service men and women.

If you want to find out what you can do to take part in supporting our troops and veterans visit some of the following sites: Operation Gratitude is an organization that puts together care packages to be sent to our troops overseas. They have sent over 1 million care packages to date. Talking to my brother after his tour in Afghanistan, I know how important it was to him every time he got a care package. Not only does it give them some of the essential  day-to-day items, it also shows them how many people back home that are thinking of them every day. Wounded Warrior Project is an organization working to aid all those injured in combat. They work to help meet the needs of every single member of our military. They have brought aid to thousands of our troops and continue to make a difference in the lives of many veterans and their families every day. To all of the current military service men and women and to all of our veterans, we say thank you for your service.

El Clima de Invierno Ayes

Winter Weather Woes



Con el clima tan frío y sombrío, a veces tenemos lo que yo llamo “el invierno tiempo males”. Cuando esto sucede, la mejor cosa de hacer es mantener ocupado. Ahora es un buen momento para empezar  arreglar todas las cosas que desea almacenar. De alguna manera he acumulado mucho este invierno mi garaje y ático está lleno, así que mi única opción es ponerlo todo en almacenamiento para su custodia. Mi primer paso será hacer un inventario de todo lo que quiero para almacenar. No soy bueno con notas mentales así lo puse todo en el papel. A continuación, haré una lista de todos los suministros de embalaje y cajas que voy a necesitar. FYI: StorPlace de Murfreesboro Rd. en el Sur de Nashville tiene todo lo que puedas imaginar cuando se trata de movimiento y suministros de embalaje. Lo que más me gusta es el hecho de que tienen un tamaño de la caja para adaptarse a casi todo. Tienen cajas para lámparas, electrónica, ropa y platos, sólo nombrar unos pocos. También puede obtener cualquier tipo de suministros de embalaje allí. Si llamas adelante el Gerente de la tienda será más feliz que prepare su pedido para que todo lo que tienes que hacer es venir a recogerlo. Puedes incluso pagar sus cajas por teléfono con su tarjeta de crédito o débito. Si sientes que necesitas una unidad que es calentada y enfriado por StorPlace de Murfreesboro Rd. Seguramente puede acomodar. StorPlace cuenta con unidades que van desde el tamaño de una caminata en armario a unidades del tamaño de un almacén. Todo lo que queda por hacer ahora es hacer la llamada o tomar el corto trayecto en coche a tu vecindario StorPlace. Tienen dieciséis lugares convenientes. Personalmente me gusta visitar su página web. Puedes ver el inventario de almacenamiento de información en línea y compruebe hacia fuera el dinero ahorrando especiales. Así que no dejes que los Winter Weather Woes bajarte, levántate y date prisa hasta tu barrio StorPlace de Murfreesboro Rd. en el Sur de Nashville.


Beware Of the FLU

It's flu season


Now that the Flu Season is upon us, remember to get your Flu shot .People of all ages can get the Flu. Children and the elderly, as well as people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to getting the influenza virus. Cold weather obligates us to be in closed environments more frequently and for longer periods of time in close contact with other people.  This can cause us to contract air-born viruses more easily.  If a person with the flu sneezes or coughs, the virus is then released into the air and onto any object around them, including whatever the person touches. When someone else breathes in those droplets or touches any object that has the flu virus on it, then touches their nose, mouth or eyes, the virus will spread. The flu virus can be spread from 1 day before symptoms appear to 5 days after becoming sick. This means that the Flu can be spread before the person even knows they have it.  In Middle Tennessee the Flu virus is at its peak in January and February so beware.

If you experience the sudden onset of fever, body aches, chills, extreme tiredness, or headaches contact or got to see your health care provider as soon as symptoms develop. Now, what should you do if you have the Flu? Stay hydrated, sleep or rest as much as possible. Eat when you feel hungry, but is most important to stay hydrated. The flu is highly contagious and you should avoid other people until you are feeling better.

Since life keeps going even when you’re sick at home. StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow, located in Antioch Tennessee, strives to keep your storage needs at your fingertips, even if you are at home sticking to bed rest. StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow, offers solutions to make it easier for you if you can’t make it in to the storage facility such as rentals over the phone to payments online. If you find yourself bed ridden and need to make your payment for your storage unit you can call our office, which is open from 9:00 am to 5:30, Monday thru Saturday, or you can make your payment online anytime. If you are looking to rent a unit, you always have the option of reserving a unit online as well. We also offer you the ability to rent or reserving a unit by just picking up the phone. Remember, StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow is always ready to help with any of your self storage needs.