Offering Care and Support for Our Customers

StorPlace of Bowling Green, KYLife is but a breath. All that will matter forever and ever in our
heavenly state is the glory that came to God through our lives.

Spring has sprung here at StorPlace of Cool Springs. All of our grass and bushes are all lush and green we have sweet birds chirping all around. People are putting houses up for sale, which means they are sorting what to keep donate and yes what to purge. We here at Storplace can help you with some of the keeping decisions.

First, we have plenty of packing supplies for your precious memories and belonging. Boxes, bubble wrap, tape pretty much anything you need to box up items. We have heated and cooled storage units as well as traditional units. Depending on your storage needs, our trained associates can help you with that decision.

One of the wonderful things about working for StorPlace is the customers that we meet. Everybody has a storage need and story and most all folks want to share with you what is going on their lives. We love to listen to our customers. That is how we help them find the most functional type of unit for their storage needs.

One of our storage customers recently came in to buy some boxes and moving supplies soon after selling her house, and facing the promising future of purchasing a new house in the near future. She is so excited she said it is all happening during the middle of her biggest fundraiser that she does every year. I am helping her pick out boxes and talking about a larger storage unit and I said oh what is that?

My customer said she does a huge fundraiser for The Lung Force Walk. I told her that was wonderful and that I myself was a lung cancer patient. She wanted me to write a blog for her, so I thought, well maybe I can talk about both Storage and Lung Cancer and this could be a win-win situation.

For our storage customer let’s get this information out: LUNG FORCE

Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of both women and men in the U.S., and every five minutes a woman in this country learns she has lung cancer. LUNG FORCE, led by the American Lung Association, unites women and their loved ones across the country to stand together against lung cancer.

We here at Storplace Cool Springs try our best to keep as many toxin fumes away from our associates and our customers. Safety first at all times we wear masks when cleaning our storage units and use as many “green” products as we can. When a customer comes in and wants a clean, well-kept storage facility we are proud to show them StorPlace of Cool Springs and/or offer a sister location when necessary to keep that customer in a clean well organized storage facility.

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