Tips on Storage

StorPlace has self storage for all the seasonsThere are just some basic tips that most people do not think about when putting their belongings in storage. First, have a game plan! Take a look at the items that you are going to store and determine the approximate size of storage unit you will need. Then, check out the storage facility you would like to use and make sure it has all the features and the storage unit size that you need. You also may want to consider a temperature controlled storage unit if any of your belongings could possibly be affected by extreme temperature changes.

Now let’s take a look at the items that you want to store and decide the smart way to store them. As you box up your belongings, remember to use same size boxes so they can be evenly spaced when stacking in storage, so that they don’t collapse over time. That brings us to how to pack the items in the boxes so that they don’t collapse. ALWAYS pack the boxes full. Boxes will collapse if they are not fully packed with items and filler material. Packing paper that is available at StorPlace Self Storage.

If you are storing any appliances there are extra prepping for storage steps that most of the time are over looked.First, if storing ANY type of food appliance make sure you clean it extremely well. Keep in mind that just because they look clean does not mean that there is not any small food particles left that can attract bugs to your storage. Just in case, you may even want to use a non-toxic bug spray on those appliances. When storing a refrigerator, make sure you unplug it a few hours before you move it. This allows time for the fridge to defrost and drain, because you don’t want you items in storage to get wet not to mention flooding of the unit next to yours. If you are storing a washing machine or dishwasher, make sure you run a drain cycle before you unplug and unhook them from the wall. Also, make sure all the hoses are free of any water. Once you get these larger appliances in the storage unit, prop the doors open so that mold and mildew does not grow inside. Wipe down tools and metal objects with some oil or WD-40 to prevent rusting.

The next item on the list is how to keep dust off of your furniture and mattresses. Most people will use a plastic mattress cover, couch cover or tarp to cover their items in storage. The only problem it that plastic will hold in moisture and heat, which can damage furniture. The plastic coverings are great for moving because you don’t want to get you furniture or mattresses dirty, but they are not so great for protecting items in storage. A good idea is to use mattress or furniture covers for moving, but once the item is in storage, slide the cover down to the floor but leave it under the item so that when you move the items again you can just slide the cover back up and go. This will also apply to any shrink-wrap that you or your movers may be using. Just make sure to remove it when you put it in the storage unit.

StorPlace Self Storage has 16 locations in the Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky area to serve all of your storage needs. Stop in to one of our facilities to see how we can help you with our many storage solutions!