Signs of Spring at StorPlace of Greenwood

College Student StorageRight down the street from StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood is Western Kentucky University (WKU).

Along with signs of spring flowers and returning birds of the season, students and parents have emerged from their winter sleep. Well, that may be a bit too poetic! Actually, the semester at hand is nearing its close and students will need to store their things for the summer. In the storage industry, it is a known fact that parents of students don’t want to take their kids’ things home with them just to return the same stuff in the fall. So, storage becomes a very important part of the spring ritual.

Last year, StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood expanded to include a sister facility that is located directly behind the local Mall. Along with our home location on Campbell Lane, both facilities are being prepped in expectation for the student rush. In fact, it has already begun. One parent, who rented a space for her daughter last year, has already called to reserve a unit. Since she does not need the unit until the beginning of May, we can’t reserve a unit yet.  However, we have put her name on the top of the Intent to Reserve list and will take her deposit at the end of April. It is still early, but as in the case of ‘Mrs. L’, some parents are right on task. The desire not to haul their kids’ stuff around gets many parents extra motivated!

Most students rent a 5×5 unit which is basically the size of a broom closet. It is large enough to hold the quintessential dorm refrigerator, portable television, and a few plastic storage tubs. For those students storing a mattresses and box springs, a 5×10 unit is in order. This unit is a walk-in closet size, and can hold most dorm items up to a large room of furniture. Both of these units have nine-foot tall ceiling heights for stacking. Of course, other students come in with more items and need a larger unit.

At the end of the semester, many local apartment complexes that cater to students end their leases and essentially force students to move out. Most want to and plan to go home for the summer, while others move out reluctantly. Regardless, with up to a one-bedroom apartment worth of furniture, many will need a 10×10 unit. That extra space comes in handy when couches, chairs, dinette sets, and other student furniture needs to be stored.

At StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood, we are ready to serve the student population with their summer storage needs. Many return here every year during their undergraduate days.  In just a short while, we expect many ‘Mrs. L’s’ to come on by.

Take A Tour of StorPlace of Greenwood

StorPlace Self Storage of Bowling Green Kentucky


Spring is the time of year when storage units at StorPlace of Greenwood in Bowling Green, Kentucky begin to rent up for the season. Very soon, most units will be rented through the summer. We always recommend that prospective tenants tour the property. Why? We believe that not every storage facility is the same. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer great locations with excellent security features and we are proud to show them off! Equally as important is to match the size of the storage unit with the customer needs. Over time, it has become quite clear that most folks are not sure what storage size they need. Once they compare a few units in person, a clearer view comes to mind. It depends not only on the amount of items being stored, but also accessibility. With a nine-foot tall ceiling height on our units, a tremendous amount of personal belongings can be stored if you fill it to the rafters. However, we always ask the customer if they intend to enter the unit at any time. If the answer is yes, then the unit must be organized to allow a walkthrough. Sometimes that means upsizing to a larger unit then first planned.

As May approaches, students from Western Kentucky University, many with a parent in tow, rent a storage unit for the summer. This is an audience that definitely benefits from taking a facility tour! Once you have witnessed a student trying to stuff a king-size mattress into a small 5×5 unit, you know why they should have seen the unit first before reserving one. Seeing the space first hand usually solves any ‘it won’t fit’ issues. Seeing the unit first is a ‘no brainer’ and a whole lot easier than taking final exams.

Another big reason for taking a facility tour is the chance for staff and customers to meet. StorPlace Self Storage excels at customer service. We do everything we can to assist people with their storage needs, as well as walk extra paces toward learning about the customer and listening closely to what they have to say. Although it may not seem like it on the surface, storing personal or business possessions is an important event for most people. Most everyone has a story to tell and we do our best to pay attention.  And often, ‘the story’ continues. I was reminded of this just a moment ago. A tenant came in to the office and greeted us with the phrase ‘So you only deal with live customers’? He then told us he had suffered a heart attack last month and for a brief while was not breathing. Fortunately he is better now and found it important to share the news.  Admittedly, we don’t get to know every tenant as well as this gentleman. Still, we are open to our customers and it serves as a bedrock of StorPlace Self Storage customer service.

The Grand Canyon.  San Antonio, Texas. There are many places I would like to tour. But when it comes to storage, I would recommend a tour of StorPlace Self Storage!