New Year: New Challenges and Triumphs!

Happy New Year from StorPlace Self Storage


StorPlace Self Storage of Stones River in Murfreesboro Tennessee, kindly referred to as: “Your Neighborhood” storage facility. Welcome to our neighborhood and Happy New Year everyone!

This year, as the holidays rushed in and out and even now as we box or re-box our decorations to store our precious ornaments and keepsakes for another year, we begin to greet the New Year with the eagerness of a child on Christmas morning. Bringing in a New Year always gives a great opportunity to reflect the simple lessons learned from years gone by. We say good-bye to the year passing and the many events that has brought us up to now, and today. Kelly, the store manager of Stones River, said New Years has always been her favorite holiday, “It is a rebirth and a fresh start” she said. “The excitement of the unknown in what this new year will bring… what new road will life place us on… what challenge, what accomplishment, what heart ache or joy will life’s undetermined mystery bring to the road of life.”

It seems the one thing we can always count on in life, is that from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, and from year to New Year, our life is about to change. No matter who we are or what our individual circumstance and walk of life might be, we know something in our life is about to take a turn and change. Sometimes, the change is great, good and exciting. Sometimes, the change might be a growing experience and one we’d actually rather not have to stretch our muscles and go through. But, go through it we will and hopefully as we do, there will always be people on our life’s road to share with us the joys, tears, sorrows, and smiles, and who will lend a shoulder, while we stretch and grow and change.

“I love my job!” Kelly said.  It is in this self storage management position that she can meet you, the public. People, who every day, come in and share your story of what your life’s road has changed for you. It may be as simple as needing to buy a box or two, it might be that job promotion you have been waiting on and now you are making room for that home office and storing all the clutter from the junk room. She loves hearing your stories! In these tough economic times, there have been several people who tell her they are downsizing and storing their home furnishings while they sell their large home and move to a smaller one.

Sometimes your storage needs may be due to the delight of a new child on the way and you’re clearing a bedroom for a nursery.  Other times, it is in the sadness of a loved one lost, and you are storing their belongings until you feel you can manage and face going through them.  A new job, a new home, or combining households with new love in the air, there are so many stories and people and circumstance. We can always count on change being inevitable in our ever rotating lives!

Sometimes the world can be a cold place when transition hits, so whatever your story, and no matter the road life has put you on, come in and see us at StorPlace of Stones River. Kelly has a shoulder to lend, an ear to listen, an idea to share and a smile to give. Yep, you’re welcome in the StorPlace Self Storage neighborhood anytime!