The StorPlace Self Storage Difference

StorPlace of Bowling Green, KYWhat does StorPlace Self Storage have to offer?  Why do people choose us over or competitors in the area?  This is the million dollar questions that directs our daily activity. In the short time I have been with StorPlace Self Storage, I have seen many people come into our lobby and ask the typical “storage” questions, “How much?”; “Do I have to sign a contract?”; and “How safe will my belongings be?”  All of which, can be easily answered.

So what is it the makes StorPlace Self Storage stand apart from all the other guys? I have a firm belief that when we put ourselves in the shoes of our renters, we are better equipped to not only show them why we are better, but can also make that connection and friendship that leads to continual business.  Each person I encounter, I imagine what I would need to know in-order to feel comfortable storing my belongings.

I had the opportunity the talk to a customer that was moving from out-of-state, to Bowling Green, Kentucky. She was nervous about the move itself. The moving company she hired was not able to give her a firm date of the move, due to being so far away from Bowling Green.  As she was telling me the story, I could tell that this was a move out of necessity, and that she wasn’t sure what to expect. I got some more information and found out that her daughter lived in the area. She was going to be staying with her, while looking for a house that she could settle in. I took upon myself to get a list of realtors and some information that she would find useful to the Bowling Green area. When she made it in to StorPlace Self Storage, I had a “welcome kit” already put together. After being with us for a few weeks, she came into the store to purchase some boxes. She told me that she saw some of the big box store fronts in town selling boxes, but she recalled me telling her about saving 10% on boxes at StorPlace Self Storage. This left no doubt in her mind that she was going to get her boxes from us. I now see the customer in our facility at least once every two weeks, and she is always updating me on how the home search is going.

This is just one example of how we are different from the other guys. Not only have we made a happy customer, I have made a friend that I look forward to getting updates on every few weeks. I know that she will move out at some point, but when she needs storage in the future, there is no question that she will look for a StorPlace Self-Storage!